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Fairy Tail Chapter 372 – Erza vs Kyouka

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - colour spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Got to love the Fairy Tail colour spreads, I know I do (cleaned by Ulquiorra90)

So Kyouka really was captured, I was half-expecting Minerva and Jackal to show up and take on Erza and Natsu respectively, buying time for Kyouka to escape and devise a plan B for the current situation i.e. disengaging the gravity on the undercube. Well that didn’t happen but it was amusing seeing Erza payback Kyouka’s earlier hospitality. I enjoyed seeing Erza’s new requip armor and weapon, though I hope this battle with Kyouka isn’t over yet. Kyouka has been portrayed as an important antagonist this arc, seemingly the head of the Kyuukimon (Nine Demon Gates), so it does seem likely that she will not be defeated just yet. Well now that there is a breach in the undercube, it is time for Fairy Tail to push forward their counter attack and hopefully avoid whatever terrors Zeref, who encounters Natsu, has in store for them inside.

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