One Piece Chapter 738 – Operation SOP Failed?

One Piece chapter 738 - Trebol's anger

The Beta Beta no Mi is surprisingly a powerful Devil Fruit

Well that was a great chapter, from having some doubt about Sugar’s and Trébol fighting potential as high-ranking executives within the Donquixote Pirates, this chapter has proved quite nicely that they are serious opponents and dangerous ones at that. Sad that the plan dwarves had prepared didn’t work out, but it was too be expected, nothing really works out as planned when the Strawhats are involved =D. The attention given to Robin this chapter was amazing, I loved how she drew Trébol away from Sugar and even managed to give Trébol the slip once he found out she was deceiving him.

Awesome how Robin noticed the danger Trébol posed and stopped Leo from entering room which would have likely saw him being hit and stopped by Trébol before Leo even reached the Sugar’s bowl.

One Piece chapter 738 - Robin's intervention

Quite badass of Robin, noticing Trébol’s skills and coming up with a alternate method of executing the operation

The SMILE factory, poor dwarves =(, their naive and honest nature are being abused so badly by the Donquixote Pirates. And the lie wrapping the dwarves trust around Doflamingo’s finger is the lie that the dwarf princess, Manshelly, is ill and requires the SMILE fruit to be healed. What heartless fiends, the Donquixote Pirates, abusing such innocent creatures, and even enjoying it. When Sugar’s hold on the toys break and they are returned to their human forms, it is going to be so satisfying seeing those pirates and criminals rampage within the SMILE factory and across the port.

Robin’s plan was pretty ingenious, creating situation in white some form of trouble arose in the underground trading port and using that as an excuse to lure Trébol away from the Executive Officers’ Tower and away from Sugar. Robin’s acting is quite top-notch, finally we are getting to see the skills she picked up over the 20 years she spent on the run hiding from the Marines and the World Government.

One Piece chapter 738 - Robin separating Trebol and Sugar

So these are the skills she picked up before meeting the Strawhats =D

Usopp! He may be hiding behind his cowardice now, but with the current situation as it is, he may have to embrace his manliness he trained over the past two years and take a really take a leading role in this rebellion. Several of the dwarves have been transformed into toys by Sugar (so she wasn’t completely defenseless) and with Leo and Co. fighting them after having forgotten those toys were once dwarves, this leaves Usopp with a nice opportunity to use the tatababasco Leo has and shoot it inside Sugar’s mouth. Usopp is key in whether this operation succeeds or not, and since Usopp has never let the Strawhats down in past arc, he will come through in the end (I wonder if he will don his Sogeking mask O.o).

Sugar calling Trébol back for protection does imply that she is not completely confident she can defend herself, so if Usopp acts fast, he can exploit the fact that Trébol isn’t protecting her currently and potentially be the one to knock her out and restore the toys back to their human form.

Trébol’s Beta Beta no Mi abilities are formidable; allowing him to travel across short distances quite rapidly, allowing him to utilise his excellent hand-eye coordination to execute an attack and even allowing him to use a ship as weapon! Trébol does appear to be a Logia user given how he extended his arm to grab/stick to the ship which he subsequently used as a weapon to smash the Executive Officers’ Tower. Though he may be a paramecia user, similar to how Magellan was.

One Piece chapter 738 - Robin giving Trebol the slip

Oh Trébol, you got tré-olled =P

Either way, I loved how Robin played Trébol and even laughed at him before she had her Hana Hana clone disappear =D. She managed to create an opportunity for Usopp and Co., hopefully they are able to use it. If not, it will be interesting to see how Robin and Usopp go about executing Operation SOP.

Also with the ship being used to destroy the Executive Officers’ Tower, I’m sure a loud bang could be heard from the surface, so this could lead Bastille to wanting to investigate the noise and head inside the Toy Factory. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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