Naruto Chapter 665 – The Path Obito Has Chosen

Naruto chapter 665 - The chose Obito has made

Yeah you tell him Obito! Finally you snapped out from your despairing self!

I was hoping this would happen, finally Obito has come to terms with himself as well as what he has done and has seriously evaluated it all against what he really wants. I never really got the ‘fake Madara’ development and why Obito wanted to be Madara so badly, I guess it was because of desperation (to create a world in which Rin is alive), Obito’s desire to want to ‘save the world’ and Obito’s perception that he was giving his life in order to aid a comrade. Well all that doesn’t really matter now, Obito has chosen to kick all that to the curb and abandon the “Madara” name he had hidden behind for so many years, Obito has finally chosen to embrace who he is and continue walking a new path which he has just discovered as Uchiha Obito, the man who wanted to be called Hokage.

I love how Obito awoke and wrested control over his body back from Black Zetsu, that slimy Aloe Vera can’t escape now! I also love how Obito questioned Madara as to his motivations and how he saw Obito. Obito through those question went about sizing Madara up and chose to weigh what he felt in the past about following Madara’s plan against what he feels now after talking with Naruto and getting a different perspective on possible paths to travel into the future with.

Naruto chapter 665 - Madara's Intention

Does Madara really think removing chakra would make a difference?

Madara rejected everything Obito was and sought to have Obito do the same when he twisted the suffering Obito was going through in the past towards revenge against the world which put him through such pain. Madara gave the then empty and broken Obito a purpose to follow, one which magnified him as a hero and the savior of the world. Obito became something of a leader, similar to that of a Hokage, one which chooses the path for humanity to follow. Obito was able to play the “savior of the world” as Madara during the time Madara was dead.


With Obito getting to learn about a different way to handle the issues facing the world and seeing Naruto so determined to find a path to help everyone, Obito has realised that the perspective he was looking at the world through in the years after he took on the identity of Madara was only a limited outlook on the problems facing the world and of the role the Hokage serves. Through Naruto, Obito came to understand what it really means to Hokage and what should have been done so many years ago. Rather than follow a path separate from those you are leading, the Hokage is connected to everyone and is the first to endure the suffering on the path being traveled.

Naruto chapter 665 - Obito's decision 1 Naruto chapter 665 - Obito's decision 2

Uchiha Obito as he is now, a man who has accepted himself, is finally ready to put his life on the line and show Rin, as well as the readers, what it looks like to save the world. Obito may end up dying after this arc, but he had redeemed himself with the decision he has made this chapter and the actions he is going to take. Obito, as a man who wanted to become the Hokage, is going to fight for Naruto’s sake, and once he helps save Naruto, he is going to entrust Naruto with saving the world as well as leading it into the future. We will finally get to see the Obito from the past, the Obito who has finally recalled what the term comrade means, ah I looking forward to the next chapter.

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