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One Piece Chapter 738 – Operation SOP Failed?

Well that was a great chapter, from having some doubt about Sugar’s and Trébol fighting potential as high-ranking executives within the Donquixote Pirates, this chapter has proved quite nicely that they are serious opponents and dangerous ones at that. Sad that … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 665 – The Path Obito Has Chosen

I was hoping this would happen, finally Obito has come to terms with himself as well as what he has done and has seriously evaluated it all against what he really wants. I never really got the ‘fake Madara’ development … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 569 – Rukia’s Bankai

That was quite a surprise, for Kubo-sensei to actually let Byakuya take the back-seat in the fight and let Rukia deal the finishing blow. I am still of the opinion that the fight would have been concluded better when Rukia … Continue reading

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