Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 58 – Akira And Souma

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 58  - Akira and Souma

The climax of the arc nears, Akira vs Souma, who will outscore the other?

What a fascinating climax this is turning out to be, for the battle between Akira and Souma to turn into one which incorporates the power and sensation of aroma within the tasting of their dishes, quite the fitting end to the preliminaries. Will be interesting to see if the risotto inside Souma’s omelet can match and even surpass the spectacle which Akira has successfully been able to achieve with his curry dish.

The flashback between Akira and Jun has me really intrigued now as to the exact relationship between the two. Akira seems to have been a slum kid when he was younger, possibly with his meeting with Jun, he was able to learn about Tootsuki Academy and direct his cooking skills toward that.

Akira’s dish looked delicious and the way the judges commented on how he was able to blend together the spices, included the sacred spice Holy Basil, so harmoniously within his dish with the help of yoghurt got me quite excited in seeing the score he would end up with. I was curious as to whether he would score higher than Alice, but a score of 94 is fine, especially when you take into account that what made Alice’s dish so spectacular and amazing was how innovated is was and how the dish came “out of left field” for the judges. Akira’s dish was adequately highlighted in the two perfect scores he scored from the judges as well as the reaction Natsume showed towards his cooking i.e. becoming interested and enchanted by him and his cooking. Loved how Natsume and Makito gave him a perfect score and acknowledged the quality of his curry dish.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 58 - Akira's dish 1 Shokugeki no Soma chapter 58  - Akira's dish 2 Shokugeki no Soma chapter 58  - Akira's dish 3

Amusing seeing Erina, Isshiki and Fumio sneaking inside one of the off-limit spectator rooms to see Souma present his dish. With just one month of training in the cuisine of curry, what will Souma come up with? He has already utilised the aroma of his dish in a similar fashion to Akira in that he created an “aroma explosion” to grab the judges attention and direct it towards his dish. His dish being in the form of an omelet was surprising, especially with how he filled his risotto inside it. I am curious to see the skills Souma learned over the last month display themselves in this dish, will he also create a dish that comes from “out of left field” like Alice’s?

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 58  - Souma's dish

How surprising, utilising an omelet in a curry

Souma’s final comment to Akira at the end of the chapter has left me more curious about the risotto Souma has made, ah next chapter should be incredibly exciting, looking forward to it! It would be quite something to have Akira and Souma tie and have their rivalry extend to the next round of the competition =D. In this case, Akira would end acknowledging Souma’s skills and even learn how fearsome of a chef Souma can be when he puts his mind to something, which could further inspire Akira in expanding himself as a chef.

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4 Responses to Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 58 – Akira And Souma

  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    Man these guys know how to tease. All in all I’ll be surprised if Soma doesn’t beat Hayama given just how confident he appears, whether he gets a 95 and ties Alice or goes even a point beyond her is another story. He’s not getting below 94 though, I can safely say that much at the. The next issue can’t get here fast enough, I wanna bring this round to a close already, find out the final participants from either Shun and Zenji, and see what new story developments arise in the next round.

  2. Syphin says:

    It is incredibly impressive how talented Souma is in cooking, he had just one month to learn, prepare and evolve his cuisine style to suit curry! Next round in the Autumn Election is going to be so interesting.

    • KrimzonStriker says:

      I’m also hoping Erina and Eizan gets more involved in the next round, they’ve both been incredibly passive so far, and I’m hopeful the display Soma puts on pushes their character development a bit more forward as well.

      • Syphin says:

        Yeah seeing as how this arc will go on for a while, with those two not participating in the competition, it will be nice to have some form of character development for them. Hopefully with the end of the preliminaries and the beginning of the next round, they will get a bit more coverage.

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