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[Theory] One Piece – Was Monet’s “Heart” Really Stabbed?

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne (http://teebohne.deviantart.com)

“Yuki-Onna” Monet – by teebohne

I have become really curious as to why Oda-sensei has decided to leave the “heart-stabbing” of Monet in such an ambiguous note. Firstly, Caesar’s stab was quite shallow and only managed to penetrate a few centimeters in the ‘block of flesh’. Secondly, there is more to consider as to whether what Caesar stabbed really was Monet’s “heart”. The fact that the “heart” was contained inside a ‘block of flesh’ and that the stab was shallow suggest that Oda may have left Monet’s “death” on an ambiguous note on purpose because he may have intended to cover her later in the story, be it through the cover page story or the general story of One Piece.

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