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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 65 – Hendricksen vs Arthur

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 65 - Hendricksen vs Arthur

Hendricksen vs Arthur, how will the fight conclude?

Well that was a bit unexpected, so Hendricken attempted to have Arthus “assassinated” during the walk to the castle. I was half-expecting Melodias and Arthur to end up clashing with each other during this arc, but with this development, things have got a lot more interesting. The Hendricksen vs Arthur match-up is quite the treat, I was wondering how strong Arthur was and I guess he may just tease us with his capabilities in this battle before it is interrupted – by Melodias and Co.? That hooded character traveling with Arthus, I am curious to learn who exactly they are and their purpose of traveling with Arthur. Diane showing up at the end of the chapter in the underground section of Merlin’s Research Facility was a surprising twist, looks like Diane and King will be the first of the Seven Deadly Sins to battle this arc =D.

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