Fairy Tail 371 – Fairy Tail Fight Back

Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Erza Scarlet - Payback - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Erza’s Payback – colour by i-azu

What an incredible chapter, I enjoyed every single panel of it, from Tartarus’s wide self-satisfied smiles to seeing it slowly turn to faces filled with worry, concern and unease as Fairy Tail does the unexpected shocking the conceit right out of the demons attitude. Cana was particularly badass this chapter along with Mira and Erza. I was expecting Cana to borrow and use Fairy Glitter to do something about the lacrima explosion but she surprised me by relying on her own Card Magic, which I had totally underestimated, and found a way to get all the Fairy Tail members in the building out of harms way. Was also great seeing Happy, Carla and Patherlily helping out with the escape plan – the cat really does have Tartarus’s tongue =P. Mira and Erza turning the tables on their captives was badass, looking forward to the next chapter a lot and seeing them in action =D.

Seems like Sayla has some Kyouka-complex in which she is continuously seeking to catch the attention of Kyouka and receive her praise. I am interested to learn about the past which Kyouka and Sayla share and find out why Sayla admires and reveres Kyouka so much =/. I do feel Sayla a bit sorry that her plan has failed and that now she blames herself for Kyouka meeting problems regarding the execution of her plan. Sayla seems like a demon who rather than wanting to harm others, is driven by her affection for Kyouka and how she can please her. Will be interesting to see how she is developed this arc.

Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Cana's Card Magic 1 Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Cana's Card Magic 2

Cana, I love the attention she has been getting in the manga since the Tenrou Island Arc which held the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial. Cana wasn’t much a character before than but ever since that arc started, she went from a tertiary character to a relevant and important secondary character within the manga. The way she utilised her ability to escape Elfman’s hold and then save the whole of Fairy Tail  was spectacular, I hadn’t even considered that she could use her Card Magic to counter the situation she was in the last chapter. Great stuff by Mashima-sensei in the way he highlighted both Cana’s character and her magic (looks like she learned some useful Card Magic skills from the dark-skinned Shou – Card Dimension). And thanks to Cana, Happy, Carla and Patherlily we have one badass set-up for the Fairy Tail mages to go wild in. Will be interesting to see what Elfman does now to redeem himself from his recent actions, but you got to love how Cana encouraged him, she is seriously getting some great character development recently.

Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Fairy Tail Counterattack

Cana has been getting some amazing character development recently, I keep liking her character more and more after each chapter she is focused in

Mira, hahah, so the Demon particles which Lamy intended to distort Mira’s face with in fact ended up reacting with the Demon particles already inside Mira consequently waking her up. Bad form Tartarus, bad form…this is what they get for underestimating magic, especially ones they have no idea about. A shame they killed Crawford, as he could have helped access the Fairy Tail mages files and attained valuable information regarding the Fairy Tail mages magic styles. Either way, Mira is out and she is looking as sexy as ever, I quite enjoy how her fringe is lying flat now, it gives her an edgier look. Going to be awesome to see her unleash Satan Soul against Tartarus.

Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Mira Awakened - colour by HikariNoGiri (http://hikarinogiri.deviantart.com)

Mira Awakened – colour by HikariNoGiri

Kyouka, poor poor Kyouka, she got overconfident and is now staring the beauty of vengeance right in the face. With Natsu and Lisanna both binding Kyouka’s arms and Erza ready to repay the hospitality Kyouka had shown her since arriving in Cube, it will be interesting to see what happens with Kyouka and whether she can fight or escape in such a situation. Kyouka seems to carry out most of her attacks with her arms and talons, so with those bound by Natsu and Lisanna, she appears to be in a situation whether she is limited in how she can act.

Erza like a badass has taken care of Yakdoriga and even has that killer look in her eyes, she means business and Kyouka is the one who needs to pay up. I wonder if Minerva and/or Jackal will intervene and save Kyouka from the corner she is in. I can see Jackal taking on Natsu again and the Erza vs Minerva battle is something that needs to happen. I am incredibly curious to see how Minerva reacts when she meets Erza, will she still follow Tartarus after that now that she has attained a new level of power? I also hope Erza can save Minerva from the pit of darkness she is in.

As for Tempesta, I guess his opponent will most likely be Mira. Mira was concerned about Laxus’s well-being and seeing how it was Tempesta who put Laxus in that state, Mira does have a few reasons for wanting to see Tempesta crushed. Also with this part of the Tartarus Arc titled “Song of the Heavenly Dragon” does this mean that Wendy will be in focus for this part? Or is there a distinction between “Heavenly Dragon” and “Sky Dragon”? Ah looking forward to the future chapters of this arc.

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