Naruto Chapter 664 – Black Zetsu’s Intervention

Naruto chapter 664 - Black Zetsu's Intervention

Oh Black Zetsu, you are always around when I don’t want you to be…

Wow, Black Zetsu…he just has to spoil everything doesn’t he? After the plan to save Naruto with the Yin half of Kurama was such a solid one, Black Zetsu had to have overheard Gaara conveying the Yang half of Kurama’s plan to Minato and slither himself in a position to cut Minato’s sealing jutsu off from Naruto and instead seal the Yin half inside him. Thing aren’t looking good for Naruto and Co., especially with Madara now at the scene. And the mysterious person near Sasuke, looks like it may not be Kabuto =/.

If that mysterious person near Sasuke isn’t Kabuto, the only other person which I can think of which could fit nicely within this arc is Izuna. We were told Izuna had died, but until we see an actual death of Izuna, he could very well be alive. A lot of people who were supposed to be dead in the manga are alive at this very moment in Naruto, so adding Izuna to the mix wouldn’t be that surprising.

Hashirama had made the statement that Sasuke reminded him of Izuna, and with Tobirama at the scene, it would be quite fitting for Izuna to appear in front of Sasuke. There may be differences in view points between Izuna and Madara and because of that Izuna may want to stop his elder brother from carrying out actions that would run contrary to the desires they expressed in the past – to protect the Uchiha clan. We may not know much about Izuna but what we do know is that he loved his clan, so the current actions by Madara, which are effectively destroying the Uchiha clan, go against the very desires they both held in the past. As for how Izuna survived this long, he may have utilised Hashirama’s cells or some forbidden jutsu (another party using the Edo Tensei jutsu?) =/.

Naruto chapter 664 - Strange chakra

Who could this “terrible” chakra belong to ? An Uchiha?

Karin’s observation of this mysterious characters chakra has me intrigued; “this chakra, has a really terrible feeling to it”, does she mean evil or just not right? Is the chakra more different and weird from ones she normally senses? The description Karin gives of the feeling of chakra does describe the Uchiha well, so it could be an Uchiha member (Izuna) that appeared in front of Sasuke. I can see Izuna using Sasuke to help him convey his feelings to Madara about what they should be doing.

Cool seeing Guy, Lee and Tenten again, I didn’t think we would get much focus on them anymore, but glad Kishimoto-sensei went out of his way to bring focus onto them. With the Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei now in Guy, Lee and Tenten’s possession, they may just have a way to help Naruto, especially if they do head back to where Kakashi is. With this they can also gather the five Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths again: I believe Darui has the Shichiseiken, Tenten should know where the Bashōsen is or at least know where to get it, the Kōkinjō is sealed inside the Benihisago along with Ginkaku, and the Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei are now in Guy, Lee and Tenten’s possession.

Naruto chapter 664 - The Benihisago and Kohaku no Jouhei

Two of the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths – Benihisago and Kohaku no Jouhei

With Black Zetsu stealing the Yin half of Kurama from being sealed inside Naruto, there could be no other way but to release Ginkaku and Kinkaku from the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths and extract the Kyuubi chakra they have and seal it inside Naruto. I wonder how an Edo Tensei corpse will function now that the Edo Tensei jutsu has been cancelled. Will Ginkaku and Kinkaku lose their “animating-properties” once they free the seal they are in? Seems like this could add further confusion to the already broken Edo Tensei jutsu. Well Atsui and Samui still need to be saved from the Benihisago, so the current situation Naruto and Co. are in could provide a set-up for saving Atsui and Samui.

Naruto chapter 664 - Minato and Kushina

A father’s promise

Was cool seeing the Minato flashback where he was conversing with Kushina about Naruto, who had yet to be born. Loved how Kushina perfectly described Naruto before he was born, she really was right on with her worries, a mother’s intuition sure is dangerous =P. But things turn out great with Naruto, he may have his flaws, but he is a fantastic person. I also loved how Minato promised Kushina that he would protect their child no matter what, as both the Hokage and the child’s father. That build-up would have been the perfect platform for Naruto to retrieve the Yin half of Kurama, but noo, Black Zetsu had to intervene and spoil the moment, what a bastard.

Now that the Yin half of Kurama is sealed inside Black Zetsu and that Black Zetsu is melded to Obito, I wonder if Obito can force control over his body back from Black Zetsu and seal the Yin half of Kurama inside Naruto. Fighting Black Zetsu off and returning the Yin half of Kurama would go a long way in redeeming Obito’s character who has drifted far away from his once heroic image. Maybe while Obito fights for control over his body from Black Zetsu, Guy releases the Kinkaku and Ginkaku from the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths and Minato proceeds to the seal the Kyuubi chakra they have inside Naruto. Seeing everyone tried hard to save Naruto may inspire Obito to push even further and gain that necessary power to overwhelm Black Zetsu.

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