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Naruto Chapter 664 – Black Zetsu’s Intervention

Naruto chapter 664 - Black Zetsu's Intervention

Oh Black Zetsu, you are always around when I don’t want you to be…

Wow, Black Zetsu…he just has to spoil everything doesn’t he? After the plan to save Naruto with the Yin half of Kurama was such a solid one, Black Zetsu had to have overheard Gaara conveying the Yang half of Kurama’s plan to Minato and slither himself in a position to cut Minato’s sealing jutsu off from Naruto and instead seal the Yin half inside him. Thing aren’t looking good for Naruto and Co., especially with Madara now at the scene. And the mysterious person near Sasuke, looks like it may not be Kabuto =/.

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Bleach Chapter 568 – Frozen II

Bleach chapter 568 - Rukia vs As Nodt 1

So surviving an absolute zero slash…how is that even possible?

Was the contents of this chapter REALLY necessary? Did Kubo-sensei REALLY have to keep Äs Nödt alive? Did Rukia lowering her body temperature with Sode no Shirayuki to absolute zero REALLY not instantly freeze and end Äs Nödt’s life (how the hell did he survive)? Did Kubo-sensei REALLY have to put Rukia in a situation where she needed to be saved by Byakuya? Really Kubo-sensei? Couldn’t you have at least let Rukia have this win? Rukia has just undergone some serious training in the Spirit Realm and has been out of action for long time in the manga…when she finally gets a fight in which she can prove herself in and the abilities she wields, the circumstances surrounding the situation end up being twisted to force Rukia once again in a situation where she needs to saved…Sigh…

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