One Piece Chapter 737 – The Heroes Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 737 - Leo steels his will

Ooohh how exciting, this arc is about to get even more interesting with the dwarves plan about to succeed

What an compelling and enthralling chapter, my excitement has just reached dangerous levels that waiting for the next One Piece chapter to come out has become borderline unbearable. So the danger of Pica and his Devil Fruit really is in how he can manipulate the surrounding environment to his advantage, that being, using the very castle Luffy, Zoro and Viola are in to attack them. It is going to be interesting to see how Luffy, Zoro and Viola handle Pica. At the Colosseum side, ah, the full on action contained within induces me to crave after more, Rebecca is holding her own within the battle and Sabo completely showed Burgess up by nullifying his Surge Elbow and destroying his armor. I also love how Diamante is completely confused at Lucy’s current fighting style, it is going to be so sweet when Sabo takes on Diamante.

The underground trading port, so the climax there is about to be reached with Leo preparing to plant the fake grape within Sugar’s grape bowl. Hopefully the plan goes down as intended and Doflamingo’s real character is revealed to the Kingdom and its citizens.

One Piece chapter 737 - Pica the Rock Assimilation Man

A Rock Assimilation Man huh, how interesting

I had made a guess during the past week for what Pica’s ability could be and I had predicted Pica being a Wallman who ate the Kabe Kabe no Mi/Wall Wall Fruit. While I was wrong in the fruit he ate (he ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi/Stone Stone Fruit), it does seem he has similar abilities to that which I expected of Pica – the ability to pass through [stone] walls and take on the property of the wall and also the ability to control the surrounding ‘wall-environment’, including manipulating the floor. It is obvious why Viola was so worried about Pica finding them near/inside the Palace now, because they are effectively inside an environment which he controls. Excited to see how this fight will be handled by Luffy, Zoro and Viola.

The Corrida Colosseum final, what an exciting match we have, finally we get to see Burgess in action as well as Sabo under the guise of ‘Lucy’. Burgess’s Wave Motion Elbow, what a fearsome attack, to take out a boss class fighting fish like that and to blow a hole within the stadium. Sad that Burgess had to drag the audience into the battle by harming them, guess he won’t be winning the Colosseum tournament now. Especially with Sabo in the arena, who like a badass, deflected Burgess’s Wave Motion Elbow with his Busoshoku Haki and ended up causing Burgess’s armor to be destroyed. We may not have known how Sabo fought before this chapter, but just this chapter was enough to let us, the readers, know that Sabo is a complete badass. Diamante notices the difference in Lucy’s fighting style from before and does have his suspicions that ‘Lucy’ is not Luffy, but it is too late for him =D.

One Piece chapter 737 - Sabo taking on Burgess's Wave Motion Elbow

What a badass scene, Sabo is such a boss

Great to see Rebecca holding her own with the arena and even made a move to retrieve the Mera Mera no Mi, a shame that her slashes weren’t enough to break the chains keeping the chest (which the Mera Mera no Mi is kept in) attached to the boss class fighting fish. Love how Rebecca utilised Bartolomeo’s ability to create barriers and stood behind him as Burgess charged up his second Wave Motion Elbow attack.

Cavendish…so much for his Hakuba personality, he just had to be awake at the moment Sugar transformed him into a toy, guess he was unlucky once again. At least now we know what Trébol’s Devil Fruit is – the Beta Beta no Mi/Stick Stick Fruit – which appears to be more a paramecia than a logia devil fruit. And we also find out that it is Sugar who creates the contract with the toys she transforms. I guess Sugar really is the main pillar within the Donquixote Pirates keeping Doflamingo supported as the King of Dressrosa, but Doflamingo is putting too many of his eggs in one basket, once Sugar’s ability ceases to have effect, Doflamingo is going to have hell to pay, as his true character will be revealed to both Dressrosa and Admiral Issho. Once Issho recognises Doflamingo has the main source of the Dressrosa citizen’s suffering, it is going to be interesting to see how he reacts.

With so many enemies of Doflamingo gathered in one place – underneath the Kingdom, it is going to be a nightmare for Doflamingo once Sugar’s ability breaks, a whole army pissed at Doflamingo will appear to aid the Strawhats and Dressrosa in crushing the Donquixote Pirates, as well as “Joker” underground trading base.

One Piece chapter 737 - Operation SOP nears its climax

Operation SOP nears its climax, will the Tontatta tribe and the Strawhats succeed in breaking Sugar’s imprisonment over the Dressrosa citizens turned into toys?

Trébol doesn’t need to be defeated by Usopp or Robin, all they need to do is believe in Leo placing the fake grape inside Sugar’s grape bowl and let Sugar do the rest. When Sugar consumes the super spicy “grape” (got to admire the work and effort the Dwarves put into the tatababasco), the Colosseum contestants turned into toys just outside the Officers’ Tower will regain their original forms and be ready to take on Trébol. Hopefully things work out that smoothly, but even if they don’t, Doflamingo is still screwed. Great chapter this issue and I am really looking forward to the next chapter.

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