Naruto Chapter 663 – Sakura And Karin

Naruto chapter 663 - Sakura saving Naruto - colour by pollo1567 (

I believe in your medical skills, Sakura! Do it! Save Naruto! – colour by pollo1567

By far, Sakura and Karin were the stars of this chapter and their actions in trying to save the ones they care for are what made this chapter so awesome for me. Sakura finally getting the opportunity to perform the medical ninjutsu she is so adept in and Karin finally getting the opportunity to unleash her Uzumaki power, for those two reasons and seeing them so determined, I absolutely love this chapter. Madara may have absorbed the Bijuu he captured and transformed in the “Rikudou Sennin”, but I really didn’t care much for that, it just signaled the beginning of his defeat now that he has attained that form. I’m more interested in seeing Naruto and Sasuke being saved.

So Kurama really did tell Gaara to get Naruto over to Minato and have the Yin half of Kurama sealed inside Naruto to prevent him from dying. Minato is unexpectedly further away from Naruto than I had thought, but regardless, that distance allowed for Sakura to get developed as Kishimoto-sensei finally decided to focus on Sakura’s medical ninjutsu in a serious way. I loved seeing Sakura so determined to saved Naruto, even so far as to put her medical ninjutsu skills on the line and relying solely on them to keep Naruto alive until he can get to Minato. We have never seen Sakura this confident and determined before, especially in the skills she wields, and because of that, the coverage Sakura got was totally refreshing.

Naruto chapter 663 - Sakura's determination to save Naruto 1 Naruto chapter 663 - Sakura's determination to save Naruto 2

I am glad the previous 662 chapter are coming in use here, all the respect and love Sakura has built up for Naruto is coming out powerfully through her actions in trying to save Naruto. It is also cool seeing Sakura doing what her sensei, Tsunade, wished she could have done with Nawaki and Dan, that is, save them. I’m sure every single lesson Tsunade drilled in Sakura was to prepare Sakura for this moment, a moment in which Sakura could save a loved from death’s grasp, unlike her, who couldn’t save two of the people precious to her.

Naruto chapter 663 - Karin's heading to save Sasuke

This was awesome, what a pleasant surprise to see Karin being able to use the ability Kushina could

Karin was also highlighted incredibly this chapter. She was kept in the background for most of her time in the manga and previously only served the purpose of being a really skilled sensor shinobi and someone who Sasuke could use to heal. Now that we know Karin is an Uzumaki, I am glad Kishimoto-sensei has decided to cover that aspect to her character and develop her through her desire to save Sasuke. The way she unleashed her Uzumaki chains on Spiral Zetsu was awesome, so to was her tanking Spiral Zetsu’s mokuton attack and healing herself. I have come to like Karin’s character even more than before =D. Suigetsu, Juugo and Orochimaru supporting her as they create the opportunity for Karin to get pass Spiral Zetsu was great. The fact that Spiral Zetsu, or the person inside him, nullified Orochimaru’s cursed seal makes me wonder if Yamato really is inside there.

Madara, so he absorbed all the Bijuu and began the “Rikudou Sennin” or at least a form that closely resembles the “Rikudou Sennin”. Will be interesting to see if Madara gets the left Rinnegan from Obito.

That mysterious character appearing near Sasuke, who exactly could that be? For some reason I’m getting the vibe that the mysterious character is Kabuto, but could it really be him? The last time we seen Kabuto was when he was still stuck in Itachi’s Izanami genjutsu =/. But if Kabuto has finally accepted his failures and begun to look at himself for who HE really is, not as Orochimaru or the jutsu/power/abilities he wields, he has every chance of escaping the endless loop of Izanami he is in. And in that liberated state, I can see him helping Sasuke now. Just like how Naruto has gathered comrades around him, despite some of them being prior enemies, Sasuke may be doing the same, and the first of which could be Kabuto. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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