Bleach Chapter 567 – Frozen

Bleach chapter 567 - The extent of Sode no Shirayuki's ability

Rukia’s mastery over Sode no Shirayuki’s abilities are impressive, what else does she have up her sleeve?

THAT was an AMAZING chapter. My goodness, RUKIA was freaking awesome. FINALLY she gets the coverage she deserves. Thank you Kubo-sensei. And I am glad you saved her Bankai release for later. Let’s hope As Nodt is dead for good now, Rukia was badass this chapter and I am looking forward to seeing her move on to other Stern Ritter. Easily one of the best chapters this Quincy Blood War Arc. I was satisfied across every single panel, especially Rukia rebutting As Nodt’s philosophy of fear with her own philosophy of science. Incredible chapter.

I anxious waiting to see what Kubo-sensei would do with Rukia now that she was up against Äs Nödt, would he force her character into a situation in which she would be required to be saved by Byakuya or Ichigo? The actual outcome shamed my doubts for being so excessive, nothing of the sort happened in which Rukia required saving, As Nodt on the other hand was the one who required saving. Rukia like the badass she is, served and dished out a ice cold helping of frozen tactics and science which resulted in As Nodt trembling in fear. It’s ironic, the Sternritter who was able to manipulate fear to his advantage when he destroyed his opponents mentally, now gets a taste of his own medicine.

Äs Nödt did have a point about how fear is such an overarching reaction and state within living beings, to the point that it does exist side by side with life, but in the end such logic meant nothing to a person who was unable to even react and fear.

Bleach chapter 567 - Badass Rukia

What a badass, Rukia

The beauty of this chapter was how the mental battle took place before the climatic attack of their encounter. Äs Nödt pushed forward his philosophy of fear and how all living beings were unable to avoid entering a state of fear regardless of how hard they try not to as fear is ingrained with life. Rukia on the other hand, revealed a glaring blind spot within Äs Nödt ability to induce fear and through her scientific reasoning of how she was able to stop fear, she capitalised on the opening he gave her and carried out a seemingly finishing blow on Äs Nödt.

Bleach chapter 567 - Rukia's overwhelms As Nodt

Now this is the Rukia we remember from Bleach! Keep it going Kubo-sensei!

This chapter was incredibly amazing, I just hope Kubo-sensei keeps Äs Nödt down to allow Rukia’s training to continue being significant and relevant to the arc, which still has many Sternritter left running around. I would love to see Rukia take on other Sternritter and display more of the results of her training. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

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