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One Piece Chapter 737 – The Heroes Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 737 - Leo steels his will

Ooohh how exciting, this arc is about to get even more interesting with the dwarves plan about to succeed

What an compelling and enthralling chapter, my excitement has just reached dangerous levels that waiting for the next One Piece chapter to come out has become borderline unbearable. So the danger of Pica and his Devil Fruit really is in how he can manipulate the surrounding environment to his advantage, that being, using the very castle Luffy, Zoro and Viola are in to attack them. It is going to be interesting to see how Luffy, Zoro and Viola handle Pica. At the Colosseum side, ah, the full on action contained within induces me to crave after more, Rebecca is holding her own within the battle and Sabo completely showed Burgess up by nullifying his Surge Elbow and destroying his armor. I also love how Diamante is completely confused at Lucy’s current fighting style, it is going to be so sweet when Sabo takes on Diamante.

The underground trading port, so the climax there is about to be reached with Leo preparing to plant the fake grape within Sugar’s grape bowl. Hopefully the plan goes down as intended and Doflamingo’s real character is revealed to the Kingdom and its citizens.

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Naruto Chapter 663 – Sakura And Karin

Naruto chapter 663 - Sakura saving Naruto - colour by pollo1567 (http://pollo1567.deviantart.com)

I believe in your medical skills, Sakura! Do it! Save Naruto! – colour by pollo1567

By far, Sakura and Karin were the stars of this chapter and their actions in trying to save the ones they care for are what made this chapter so awesome for me. Sakura finally getting the opportunity to perform the medical ninjutsu she is so adept in and Karin finally getting the opportunity to unleash her Uzumaki power, for those two reasons and seeing them so determined, I absolutely love this chapter. Madara may have absorbed the Bijuu he captured and transformed in the “Rikudou Sennin”, but I really didn’t care much for that, it just signaled the beginning of his defeat now that he has attained that form. I’m more interested in seeing Naruto and Sasuke being saved.

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Bleach Chapter 567 – Frozen

Bleach chapter 567 - The extent of Sode no Shirayuki's ability

Rukia’s mastery over Sode no Shirayuki’s abilities are impressive, what else does she have up her sleeve?

THAT was an AMAZING chapter. My goodness, RUKIA was freaking awesome. FINALLY she gets the coverage she deserves. Thank you Kubo-sensei. And I am glad you saved her Bankai release for later. Let’s hope As Nodt is dead for good now, Rukia was badass this chapter and I am looking forward to seeing her move on to other Stern Ritter. Easily one of the best chapters this¬†Quincy Blood War Arc. I was satisfied across every single panel, especially Rukia rebutting As Nodt’s philosophy of fear with her own philosophy of science. Incredible chapter.

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