Shokugeki No Soma 55 – Zenji And Shun

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 55 -  the engrossed judges

Got to love how the judges react now, especially Natsume

I’m glad the chapters are being separated into two parts, each part covering one of the named characters in this Autumn Election competition. Enough time and focus is given to each of the character to highlight their cuisine and the strengths behind their cooking styles. Bunching in several named characters in one chapter and covering their dish would take away from the development those characters could get by the reduced focus they will end up having. This way, with the chapter divided into focusing on two characters, most of the named characters in this arc have time to be highlighted. Though this was not the case for Miyoko and Yuuki, whose dishes were judges off-screen.

Another thing I love is how mellow the judges have gotten over the last few dishes, well at least for A Block. From their stern and unimpressed faces, the judges are now servant to the deliciousness of food. Hopefully such reactions can continue for a while longer, as I am finding them enjoyable.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 55 -  Marui Zenji

…the walking flavour dictionary, Marui Zenji

Marui Zenji, so his hype was backed up by his cooking ability this chapter, I am glad. To make up for his lack of cooking sense and physical ability, Zenji utilised his mind and knowledge it could store to research on many classical gourmet food. The knowledge he attained allows him to fight against the geniuses of Tootsuki Academy. Quite a statement Zenji made to all those students doubting him and underestimating him. Marui hasn’t come to play, he means all business this Autumn Election.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 55 -  Ibusaki Shun

The Prince of Smoke, Ibusaki Shun

Ibusaki Shun, the smoke specialist when it comes to cooking. To think he went and smoked everything and brought it all back together through the way he smoked his ingredients and the type of ingredients he used to balance his ‘smoked’ style. That salt – moshio – ended up helping to harmonise his whole dish bringing together the seemingly unrelated ingredients. Quite the chef to “bend” smoke to his will.

Both Zenji and Shun scored 88 points, so they are both tied for second spot. Tied for the 4th place is Ikumi and Ryouko. A vote would need to be held by the judges if the results stay the same, but that is highly unlikely as Akira and Souma have yet to show their talent to the judges via their curry dishes – their friendly yet heated rivalry is quite charming. It is going to be real interesting to see how the battle between Akira and Souma ends in this first round of the Autumn Election. Shokugeki no Soma has characterised itself as being a straight up manga, so I doubt any trolling will be going on with Akira and Souma. The two have been hyped up quite a bit, so I am expected something quite exceptional from their dishes, especially Akira’s, who have been built-up as the favourite of this round.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 55 -  Souma and Akira

The rivalry between Souma and Akira is about to climax as the focus of the arc edges closer to their dishes

On the other side, in the B Block, Miyoko and Yuuki have both shown their dishes off-screen and have scored a score 87 and 86 respectively. The good thing about having some dishes judges off screen is that it quickens the pace to the climax of the round (Akira and Souma, and Alice and Megumi) as well as saves the cuisine styles of those characters judges off screen to be highlighted at a later time in the manga. The Aldini brothers (Takumi and Isami) have yet to show their dishes, which does seem will be focused on in the next chapter – Italian cuisine and curry do seem like an odd combination, how will they make it work? There is also Alice and Megumi who have yet to show their dishes. I’m extremely excited to see what Alice and Megumi have prepared. Can Megumi silence the critics and naysayers with her cooking? Very much looking forward to the coming chapters of Shokugeki no Soma and seeing how the first round of the Autumn Election ends.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 55 -  Miyoko and Yuuki

Impressive, the named character dishes really are a cut above the others in the Autumn Election

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