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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 64 – Three Deadly Sins VS Holy Knights

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 64 - Arthur approaches

What are you planning Arthur?

Going to be interesting to see what happens with Arthur when he meets Melodias, would the two end up enemies or allies? But before that, the three sins are pretty much devastating the Holy Knights challenging them, especially when Gowther stepped up and provided an answer to efficiently disposing of the Holy Knights coming at them – that memory rewrite, hilarious. I’m excited to see what happens when Jericho, Geera, Gilthunder, Hauser, Dreyfus, and Helbram encounter the Seven Sins.

Looks like Gilthunder is noticing the extreme oddity of the Seven Sins invading the Liones Castle with only three members when they have five at their disposal. I wonder if he too like Jericho will question the information he is being told and take investigative means to alleviate his uneasiness of the situation. There already seems to be a rift between the normal Holy Knights and the “New Generation” Holy Knights, so Gilthunder may just find the reason why if he investigates Hendricksen a bit.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 64 - Jericho and Hauser arguing

So Jericho is “Diamond” ranked, interesting…

Amusing seeing Jericho talk on the same level as Hauser. For some reason, I just really love Jericho’s character, she is quite badass and I hope the amount she is used by Hendricksen in breaking the seals on the Demon Clan are kept to a minimum, the same for Geera. Hopefully the “New Generation” of Holy Knights realise how they seen by Hendricksen, as pieces to use and sacrifice for his ends, and end up separating themselves from Hendricksen before it is too late (before they die/lose to the demon blood running through them).

Helbram made an interesting comment regarding a potential reason for the Seven Sins invading – Merlin’s castle, well former castle, it has now been turned into a magic “research facility” for Hendricksen. Would be cool if the castle comes in play this arc in some interesting way – Merlin’s sacred treasure possibly in the castle?

King’s hound pet, Oslo, so that is where it has been all this time. Neat how it can send what it eats to a different location. Hilarious how Diane had to crawl in Oslo’s mouth to get to the Liones Kingdom in a short time but ended up getting stuck.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 64 - Gowther's Rewrite Light

Poor Holy Knights getting their memories temporarily rewritten

Gowther’s “Rewrite Light” ability when using his sacred treasure, how fearsome, to think it can ‘deal’ with that many Holy Knights in one go, but I suppose the fact that the effect of the ability only last a short while counters the overwhelming usefulness of it. Hilarious how Melodias and Ban both requested Gowther to never use that ability against them ever.

King Arthur, he is being highlighted quite a bit, both through his actions and the chapter comments relating to him. The build-up to him meeting Melodias has been set-up to embody something truly dramatic, I really wonder how the two meeting each other is going to do down. Arthur has a debt he owes to the King of Liones, would he help Melodias out after finding out that King’s daughter(s) are being held captive by the Holy Knights? Or would he end up fighting Melodias which could end up being broken up when Elizabeth escapes the prison cell block? Whatever happens, I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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