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Dragon Recipe Chapter 4-7 – The “Miracle” Of Dragon Meat

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Dragon Recipe chapter 4 - Shippole and the Dragon meat "miracle"

Shippole and the Dragon meat “miracle”

So that’s why Dragon meat is so demanded after and why there are cooking competitions centered around Dragon meat. I have to admit, the story in chapter 4 which created the rumour about the potential “miracle” of Dragon meat was incredibly interesting. Who wouldn’t want to be rejuvenated to their prime? Just for that sole reason and it’s possibility, it makes sense why the rumour spread quicker than wildfire and why nobles so desperately sought after such a “miracle” that they placed incredible bounties on Dragons. The odd circumstances surrounding Shippole, like some meat “falling” off a dragon as it passes her, only adds to the intrigue of the story. Was the meat Shippole cooked really Dragon meat? And why did it fall off the dragon? Whatever the reasons are, Dragon Recipe is quite the enjoyable and entertaining manhwa.

I agree with Kalsis, poor Dragons, from being such majestic and feared creatures, they have become nothing more than an ingredient to satisfy man’s greed and cravings. Just because of one rumour, Dragons are being hunted like crazy, this shows just how desperate those seeking the “miracle” are. At least the only way to cut dragons are with the Holy Swords, so that limits the amount of successful hunting going on.

Incia’s bag, hahah, how heavy is it? It broke the freaking concrete floor tile and that tile was dam thick. If she is regularly walking with such a heavy bag (that Dragon Ball turtle shell training reference…oh boy =P), she may as well be one of the fastest humans in the world from what we’ve seen. Sad that the bags were left there even after Incia recovered Kalsis once she was stolen, but I doubt many could even life the bag or whatever is inside it, unless they want to break their arm(s)/leg(s).

That story that girl, who is in fact also a Holy Sword, told Incia was such an obvious lie, it played out in such an excessively dramatic fashion that it passed the point of believability. I’m glad Incia picked up on that story being fake (she is quite the intellectual main character), though it was hilarious how Kalsis fell for it and started tearing up. Anyway sucks that her master is such a douche, hopefully she can annul her contract with him at some point in this arc and travel with Incia. It would certainly make her more happy than what she currently is.

Dragon Recipe chapter 6 - Silver Gale

This guy…

Silver, I find his character quite sad to watch, I mean, Silver can’t even afford himself a top that fits…times must be rough for him. Silver is also arguable mentally ill, the way in which he announces himself, his desires, his dreams, everything about him reeks of pompousness, the bad kind that borders craziness. At least Incia and Kalsis make fun of him, so even if I can’t take his character seriously (which I presume we are not meant to), I at least find enjoyment in how his character provides some humour in how he is ridiculed.

I am interested in seeing what the story is currently building up to. Incia feeling sorry for the Holy Sword Silver is contracted to has accepted his silly wager and with the Kaizer meat and Kalsis on the line, Incia and Silver with their respective Holy Swords hunt a Dragon said to be beyond the mountains outside the village.

Dragon Recipe chapter 7 - Incia's desire

So this is Incia’s desire, to cook Dragon meat that haven’t been cooked before

Interesting that there is a Dragon more legendary than the Kaiser Dragon, I wonder if the Dragon meat which Shippole cooked was from this Dragon. Seems Incia also encountered this Dragon in her past, so it may very well be connected to Shippole’s “miracle”. Looking forward to the coming chapters and seeing Silver fail miserably at trying to get Kalsis =P.

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