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Dragon Recipe Chapter 4-7 – The “Miracle” Of Dragon Meat

Dragon Recipe chapter 4 - Shippole and the Dragon meat "miracle"

Shippole and the Dragon meat “miracle”

So that’s why Dragon meat is so demanded after and why there are cooking competitions centered around Dragon meat. I have to admit, the story in chapter 4 which created the rumour about the potential “miracle” of Dragon meat was incredibly interesting. Who wouldn’t want to be rejuvenated to their prime? Just for that sole reason and it’s possibility, it makes sense why the rumour spread quicker than wildfire and why nobles so desperately sought after such a “miracle” that they placed incredible bounties on Dragons. The odd circumstances surrounding Shippole, like some meat “falling” off a dragon as it passes her, only adds to the intrigue of the story. Was the meat Shippole cooked really Dragon meat? And why did it fall off the dragon? Whatever the reasons are, Dragon Recipe is quite the enjoyable and entertaining manhwa.

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