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One Piece Chapter 736 – The Donquixote Elite Officers

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One Piece chapter 736 - The Corrida Colosseum finalist

The Corrida Colosseum finalist, who will win?

You’ve got hand it to Oda-sensei, he knows how to create suspenseful and impacting moments that make you laugh and smile. I loved it when Viola told the group to ‘proceed with caution’ through the Palace lower sections and in the next scene we have Luffy attacking the guards. No matter how intricate and well-developed a plan you have is, if it doesn’t agree with Luffy’s instincts, he won’t follow it. And it is because of that, we are able to get unexpected and sudden developments which constantly keeps the story of an arc fresh and exciting. And it is because of that we were able to see Doflamingo’s ‘clueless’ face, it was priceless. Excellent chapter.

So Diamante Devil’s Fruit is the Hira Hira no Mi huh, what an interesting fruit. We were able to get a taste of what the devil fruit offers as Diamante dispatched the unsatisfied D Block contestants seeking to challenge Rebecca again, but I wonder how useful it will be against the tough opponents he is up against in this final Colosseum battle for the Mera Mera no Mi. Can he turn/change the other contestants into fluttering matter?

One Piece chapter 736 - The boss class fighting fish

How interesting, so the Mera Mera no Mi is attached to the back of one of the fighting fish

I’m enjoying the new addition of these boss class fighting fish which are able to fly and attack the contestants even on the arena ground. This addition has just made it even more possible for Rebecca to emerge victorious if she is able to utilise the fighting fishes charge, like a bull charge, and use it offensively against the other contestants. Oda has already conveyed that Rebecca has incredible speed and with her Kenbunshoku Haki synergising her overall ability, Rebecca is fully capable of using the fighting fishes to her advantage.

Now the Mera Mera no Mi, I’m quite surprised that it is attached to the back of one of the fighting fish – the #01 one – but what an exciting development this is. The victor is determined not only by surviving the round but also by being the one to steal the Mera Mera no Mi from the fighting fish. It is going to be interesting to see how things do down with this unique twist to the final Colosseum battle. What is certain though, Rebecca’s Kenbunshoku Haki and her speed are going to be incredibly useful in this Colosseum battle where dodging the fighting fish’s charges is key to surviving.

One Piece chapter 736 - Luffy doing things his way

Oh Luffy, I love your style of creating chaos

Back to Luffy, I love how he doesn’t factor in any sort of consequence his actions may cause when he goes about acting, it makes his character so refreshing to watch in these intense moments of the story. Viola’s reaction to Luffy’s sudden actions was awesome, but I also love how she accepted the situation for what it was and went with it, ah she would make an excellent Strawhat adding on top of the dynamics of Luffy (and his actions) and the rest of the crew.

One Piece chapter 736 - Doflamingo shocked

Doflamingo shocked…what a beautiful expression he has on

Doflamingo’s shock-horror reaction at the realisation of how his plan exploded into a bunch of fail was priceless, I bet this is a new feeling for him…The fact that Doflamingo paused for a second to watch the Colosseum feed and saw Lucy there only to hear that Luffy was attacking the front of the rampart tower, it was immensely satisfying. Sabo (he has a scar around his left eye!) and Luffy totally got Doflamingo in his blind spot, the fact that Doflamingo doesn’t know about Sabo and how the Strawhats operates means that this is just the start of everything Doflamingo built over the past ten years completely collapsing.

One Piece chapter 736 - Doflamingo confused

Now now Doflamingo, this is what you get for being arrogant and overconfident

Lao G, so he is on the elevator with Soldier-san and some of the dwarves, interesting, I was expecting him to end up encountering Franky, but this works too. As expected, Lao G also has some weird personality to match the overall vibe the Donquixote Pirates give off – that “G” gesture via his hands…I am speechless.

Pica, finally we get to see Pica, the man hasn’t said a word this entire arc and has been kept hidden for most of the arc, I wonder what he is capable of O.o. A Stone/Rock Monster huh, looks like a fight suited towards Zoro, especially when you factor in his ability to cut things that shouldn’t normally be cut, add Busoshoku Haki on top of that and you have yourself one dangerous beast. Kin’emon seems to have disappeared, most likely heading towards the Toy Factory to look for Kanjuro, seems Wicca also went with Kin’emon. I wonder if it possible that Kin’emon helps out Soldier-san with Lao G or whether Kin’emon will be the one to help out Usopp and Robin with Trébol. There is also Dellinger unaccounted for, so Kin’emon may bump into him.

One Piece chapter 736 - The Donquixote Executive Officer, Pica

What Devil Fruit does he have I wonder O.o

Will be interesting to see what Issho has to say when the former princess, Viola, talks to him and uses her Giro Giro no Mi, Peeping Mind ability to make him understand what a vile villain Doflamingo really is. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the Colosseum battle progresses and how the sudden appearance of Pica will go down.

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