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Bleach Chapter 566 – Surpassing Fear

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Bleach chapter 566 - Rukia's taunt

Rukia handling the situation like a boss, Äs Nödt may have met his match

Finally, we finally get to see Rukia in action after so long. To think that the main female character of the story has been side lined for so long, hopefully Kubo-sensei gives us one epic battle between Rukia and Äs Nödt to make up for the lack of Rukia we have been having for this whole arc. Ah it is fitting to have Rukia face off against the opponent who crushed her brother and to return the favour. Got to love the line Rukia closed the chapter with – oh Äs Nödt, you are so screwed.

Bleach chapter 566 - Najahkoop's surprise


Oh Renji, even after Rukia told you to proceed with caution after each battle, you still managed to ‘Renji’ the hell out of the situation, falling asleep in enemy territory, right in presence of one of the Sternritter. I am honestly surprised he wasn’t taken out by NaNaNa Najahkoop, I guess Najahkoop’s cautious personality let an opportunity slip by which in turn will come back to bite him big time. Still Najahkoop seems to be overly confident in Renji being finished soon, I wonder why and I wonder what he meant when he stated that he has never observed an enemy as long as he did with Renji. Something really doesn’t feel right, but Najahkoop will defeated one way or another.

Rukia is getting some seriously good focus now, her confidence is overflowing and she is handling herself like someone without any hesitations or doubts. Now that Rukia knows her opponent is Äs Nödt, she has an extra reason for fighting now, to crush the man responsible for harming her nii-san. Rukia seems to have become more skilled at analysing and playing her opponent with control over her reactions and words.

Really looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Rukia gets around Äs Nödt’s ability to prey on a person’s “fear”. Hopefully Kubo-sensei doesn’t force Rukia to lose just so he can set-up a situation for Byakuya to appear, save Rukia and have his rematch against Äs Nödt.

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