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One Piece Chapter 736 – The Donquixote Elite Officers

One Piece chapter 736 - The Corrida Colosseum finalist

The Corrida Colosseum finalist, who will win?

You’ve got hand it to Oda-sensei, he knows how to create suspenseful and impacting moments that make you laugh and smile. I loved it when Viola told the group to ‘proceed with caution’ through the Palace lower sections and in the next scene we have Luffy attacking the guards. No matter how intricate and well-developed a plan you have is, if it doesn’t agree with Luffy’s instincts, he won’t follow it. And it is because of that, we are able to get unexpected and sudden developments which constantly keeps the story of an arc fresh and exciting. And it is because of that we were able to see Doflamingo’s ‘clueless’ face, it was priceless. Excellent chapter.

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Bleach Chapter 566 – Surpassing Fear

Bleach chapter 566 - Rukia's taunt

Rukia handling the situation like a boss, Äs Nödt may have met his match

Finally, we finally get to see Rukia in action after so long. To think that the main female character of the story has been side lined for so long, hopefully Kubo-sensei gives us one epic battle between Rukia and Äs Nödt to make up for the lack of Rukia we have been having for this whole arc. Ah it is fitting to have Rukia face off against the opponent who crushed her brother and to return the favour. Got to love the line Rukia closed the chapter with – oh Äs Nödt, you are so screwed.

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