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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 63 – The King Of Camelot

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 63 - Army of illusion

The army of illusion, well played Arthur

That was unexpected, so the whole army of Arthur’s was an illusion created by that hooded character, interesting…that hooded character really is dangerous. To think just two people fooled the whole of the Holy Knights, including Hendricksen, who thinks of himself as someone quite smart. Hopefully Arthur is the card able to scrap all the plans Hendricksen has for reviving the Demon Clan, but I have this apprehensive feeling that Arthur and Melodias will fight one another. At the very least, I hope Arthur comes to understand a bit about Melodias through their fight if they do battle.

Hendricksen was so suspicious in trying to get Arthur to leave, it was obvious Arthur wouldn’t buy into it especially with the excuse ‘the King has suddenly fallen ill and is resting’. Will be interesting to learn about the relationship Arthur had with the King of Liones and why Arthur went out of his way to personally come to Liones to thank the King. The very fact that Arthur pisses Hendricksen off is reason enough to see Arthur’s character has being an awesome one. Looking forward to his meeting with Melodias if he does meet or his meeting with Elizabeth if he meets her.

That teleporting Holy Knight has quite the useful power, I wonder how limited she is at teleporting and if there is some noticeable weakness in her ability which the Seven Deadly Sins can exploit when they face off against her in a battle.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 63 - Hawk's strength

Hawk FINALLY useful, colour me shocked and impressed

Hawk…I had no idea…I seriously had no idea he was this useful and strong…to think he actually did something cool and significant to further the plot. So much for the ‘Hawk being a gag character’ frame-of-mind I had, time to reevaluate that perception and adjust it accordingly after what he did this chapter – poor prison door. Still that desperation by Hawk was hilarious and him taking the guard out was awesome. Hopefully Elizabeth and Hawk are able to free Magaret and free her from her cell.

So Jericho and Geera are part of the Holy Knight team countering Melodias, Ban and King. I wonder if Geera will inquire with Melodias or the others about the circumstances surrounding the crazed monster Dawn Roar had to supposedly take care of and whether it really was her father. Will she be informed about the final moments her father lived out and what he was thinking about throughout? And Jericho, will she share the uneasy feeling she feels regarding the Holy Knights with Ban or the other Deadly Sins? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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