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Fairy Tail Chapter 368 – Jellal Falls

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Fairy Tail chapter 368 - Jellal's "death" - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Jellal’s “death” – colour by StingCunha

Well I wasn’t expecting that…did Jellal seriously get a hole blown in his chest with that special beam cannon attack of Zero’s? The real confusing part is why Zero’s seal was released, I was of the impression that the seal only broke when all of the Oración Seis members were incapacitated. Now that I think about the circumstances surrounding Jellal’s “death” are incredibly suspicious, was Zero’s seal even broken in the first place? It is possibly that Jellal is caught in an illusion of Midnight, one in which he “dies”. It would make sense having Midnight put Jellal in an illusion to size him up and gather what Jellal’s intentions really are.

Elfman seems to willingly have complied with Sayla’s request or at least part of him has. I can understand that he was once traumatised by his actions which seemingly led to Lisanna’s death, and that now he doesn’t want to be responsible for Lisanna losing her life. But still, bringing that Lacrima with ~500 times the power of Jupiter into Fairy Tail is just plain stupid. Would Lisanna really forgive him if he actually goes through with destroying Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail chapter 368 - Cana's suspicion of Elfman

Nice work Cana, noticing the strangeness is Elfman’s current actions

Ah I’m glad Cana noticed something odd and grilled Elfman about how unmanly he was with Lisanna being captured. She told it to him straight and pointed out just how pathetic is was of him to come back to Fairy Tail after Lisanna was captured. Hopefully Cana keeps her eyes on Elfman and realises what is going on.

Silver, what a mysterious man. It does seem like Silver could be a future version of Gray, but is that even possible? Silver controls ice, has the stench of Gray as noted by Natsu and even seems familiar with Natsu =/. Silver could be Gray’s father, but how would he know of Natsu then?

Fairy Tail chapter 368 - Crawford Super Archive

Oh so it’s Cerebr- I mean Crawford’s Super Archive, how fascinating

Crawford’s ‘Super Archive’ ability seems quite useful, and I can’t help but be reminded of the machine Cerebro from X-Men. Cerebro was able to locate mutants, and here we have the ‘Super Archive’ ability able to locate/detect mages. It is sad that such a pitiful character like Crawford is the wielder of a cool ability like the ‘Super Archive’ ability.

Erza…that Kyouka, she is taking things too far – a tentacle monster AND electric shocks on top of heightened sensitivity. Ah it is heart breaking seeing Erza in such a painful situation, hurry Jellal and come save her! Going to be so satisfying seeing Erza crush Kyouka when she is free.

Fairy Tail chapter 368 - Erza's torture

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Erza is enduring so much torture, what a badass you are Erza, ❤

Jellal, such suspicious circumstances surrounding his “death”, for a main character to die so abruptly and suddenly, something definitely doesn’t seem right. I’ll wager my guess on Midnight having a hand in why the situation played out the way it did – them illusions.

Anyway it does seem like Crawford found Jellal’s location for Tartarus, but what does Crawford mean when he states that he “seems to have down more than just find him”? Was he referring to finding the Oración Seis and/or Zero? Looking forward to the next chapter and learning about what really happened surrounding Jellal and the Oración Seis.

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