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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 54 – Ikumi And Ryouko

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 54 - Sakaki Ryouko, the fermented foods expert

Sakaki Ryouko, the fermented foods expert

With the main characters now coming out to reveal their dishes, it is hilarious seeing the judges unable to contain themselves and merely moderately taste the dishes they are presented with, especially when it is shown through Natsume’s reaction =P – it illustrates just how talented the current first year in Tootsuki Academy is. And to think we have yet to see the main players of this competition reveal their dishes and who knows how many dark horses they are left waiting to showcase just what they got, things are getting exciting.

Ikumi, I was waiting to see what she would bring out and how different her style would be from when we saw her in her Shokugeki against Souma. Along with continuing to refine her skills in preparing meat, she began to understand more about other flavours and ingredients and how they can add to the meat overall creating a much more impacting and memorable dish. It is nice to see the judges also acknowledging this through their inability to stop stuffing themselves with the dish =P.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 54 - Mito Ikumi, the meat general

Looks like her defeat to Souma bore some fruits, Ikumi now understands more about ingredients in general and how they can benefit the meat she uses

Sad though that Ikumi didn’t get into the 90s and challenge Kurokiba’s score, but regardless of whether she make it into the next round, was great to have her cooking highlighted and a score of 86 is still a fantastic score.

Ryouko, so we finally get to see what level of a chef she is and just as expected, she doesn’t disappoint. A fermented food orientated cook, it’s impressive that she was able to utilise such lacking ingredients which people don’t necessarily associate with deliciousness and present a curry dish that totally highlighted the beauty and charm of fermented foods. I really enjoyed the way her cooking and her character were highlighted in the chapter, was great to see her dish tie with Ikumi’s with a score of 86. Will be interesting to see how Ryouko’s evolves through the series.

Having characters all specialise in their style of cooking makes such competitions dynamic as it doesn’t play out in such linear ways, due to each of the students being able to present a dish that showcases their strength completely. We have already seen some amazing dishes from the characters and the main players in the competition have to come out, so the competition and arc will only get more exciting, I can’t wait. Really looking forward to the next chapter, especially with Marushi stepping up. Will he really cause a blast of wind within the competition?

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