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One Piece Chapter 735 – When A Tiger Bears Its Fangs

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One Piece chapter 735 - Issho's intent

I’m loving Issho more and more

Ooooooh I was wondering what Fujitora would do, so his plan is to prevent any harm from befalling the citizens of Dressrosa by stopping the Strawhats and then follow through with his own justice and deal with Doflamingo “afterwards”, what a badass Fujitora. To think such an independent and open mind is active in a significant position within the Marines. The other highlight of the chapter was Sabo, that pipe of his…incoming Busoshoku Haki hardening and a complete rampage by Sabo on Burgess and Diamante. Ah I can’t wait, including Franky, Luffy/Zoro/Kin’emon/Viola/Wicca, Robin/Usopp/Tontatta tribe, Soldier-san, and Sanji/Nami/Brook/Chopper/Momonosuke, there is so much to look forward to in the coming chapters as the arc reaches its climax.

Lucy interacting with Rebecca and referring to how Dressrosa resembles the Goa Kingdom confirms that Lucy is Sabo if it wasn’t made obvious already by Oda. I am excited the set-up for the Colosseum finals are the four finalist inside the arena with Diamante, this way even someone focused on defensive skills like Rebecca stands a chance at winning.

Viola, she is awesome, I love how she is continuously keeping her Senrigan on the happenings within Dressrosa, specially surrounding Rebecca and the dwarves. Ah if Monet doesn’t turn up alive and become the next Strawhat nakama, I hope Viola does =). It is interesting to note that Viola considers herself a princess ‘a long time ago’, does this mean that she acknowledges that she is a pirate and can’t really go back to how she was ten years ago? Well if the Marines do put a bounty on Viola’s head for being part of Doflamingo’s crew for ten years, I sincerely hope Luffy returns the favour Viola is doing through helping the Strawhats and invites her into the crew, although I suppose Sanji would be the first in trying to convince Luffy to invite her. Amusing to see Viola’s reaction at the “Strawhat” way of doing things, I would love to see a refined princess be coloured in the ways of the Strawhats =D.

One Piece chapter 735 - Viola reaction to the Strawhats

I love seeing new character reactions to the Strawhats way of doing things =P

Franky, so backed into a corner by two of Doflamingo’s crew members and the Marines, including Bastille, how will he fight his way out of this situation. However it is, I am glad he is being given an opportunity in which he can shine, hopefully things do play out that way. Senor Pink though, HE IS HARD BOILED!! I got caught up in the drama and am now resonating along with his fangirls and fanguys. At least we have the name of his Devil Fruit now, the Sui Sui no Mi. Looking forward to seeing how this battle will play out.

Fujitora, my man Fujitora, so the Marines in the One Piece world weren’t all that oblivious to how detrimental the Shichibukai system can be to the Marines and the safety of the world. I am glad we have someone express their intention of wanting to abolish the Shichibukai system, it is an interesting development. Also given that Issho does state that he accepted the Admiral position, it means that he was recommended for the position with the higher-ups knowing full well what type of person he is – that he would seek to abolish the Shichibukai system.

One Piece chapter 735 - Fujitora sets the record straight One Piece chapter 735 - Issho's intent

If the Shichibukai system is abolished once Doflamingo is defeated, there would be five active members within the Shichibukai still (as currently there are only 6 with Law’s title being revoked by Issho); Mihawk, Kuma, Hancock, Buggy and the unknown last Shichibukai with some history with the former Admiral Zephyr. I can easily see Hancock having Amazon Lily ally herself with Luffy if the Shichibukai is revoked. Mihawk may ally with Luffy as he is interested in Luffy and because Zoro is he disciple of sorts. Kuma already being a tool for the Marines would stay like that. Buggy, this unfortunate man may end up being met by more misfortune, though in case, wherever misfortune shows up, fortune is never far behind, so it will be interesting to see what would happen with Buggy in the New World if his Shichikai title becomes meaningless. As for the last Shichibukai, since we know nothing about him, I can’t really make an assumptions of possible theories =(.

Will be interesting to see how Issho reacts when he realises that the Strawhats are effectively helping save Dressrosa from the Donquixote Pirates, would he react like Smoker did during the Alabasta Arc and let the Strawhats go and consequently arrest the defeated Shichibukai i.e. Doflamingo.

Regardless of what happens, it was great to see Issho tell is straight to Doflamingo and remind him of the tight line he is walking. With Issho mentioning the Reverie, looks like that is going to become an extremely relevant development soon, especially with how he followed it up being stating that ‘no matter how much you may not wish it, the world will stir…’. It does make one wonder that if the Shichibukai are abolished, would a new third power come into play to balance the void left by the removal of the powerful former pirates?

One Piece chapter 735 - Sabo makes his entrance

Sabo makes his entrance WITH THAT PIPE!!

Back to Sabo, I am so pumped up for his upcoming battle within the Corrida Colosseum. It is clear that Bartolomeo, Rebecca and him will ally initially to take on Burgess and Diamante. Sabo is appearing more and more likely to be the one to take the Mera Mera no Mi. Nice that Koala is also at the Colosseum to watch his battle, though I wonder what move she used on that Colosseum guard…nothing but his clothes are left O.o. Looking forward to the next chapter immensely.

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