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Naruto Chapter 662 – Heartbeat On The Edge Of Life

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Naruto chapter 662 - Sakura attempting to keep Naruto alive

Glad Sakura is still useful in the story, hopefully her chakra last

What made the chapter for me was the focus on Hinata and Kishimoto-sensei actually making some effort to have her express her love for Naruto through action…such a dam shame he made her trip and fall. Hopefully though since she is reflecting on Neji’s death and how he left Naruto’s protection to her, she ends up getting back up and running to Naruto’s side. Apart from that, Spiral Zetsu surprised me, does he have himself wrapped around Yamato enabling him/his will to use the Mokuton jutsu and the five elements? Well at least now we know what the Kages and the Shinobi alliance have been up to since we last seen them.

Naruto AND Sasuke will obviously survive their dance with death, so it does feel quite stretched to have them staggering on the edge of death when the only possible path they have which the story dictates is them surviving. Well since the drama did create a nice set-up for Madara to be completely shocked, I don’t mind having the cliff hanger be whether Naruto and Sasuke will die.

Naruto chapter 662 - Orochimaru

Looks like Orochimaru notices something about Spiral Zetsu, could it be the chakra of Yamato?

As for Orochimaru, what the hell is he hiding behind a rock for? Will be the one who realises that Spiral Zetsu is using Yamato as a base for his body? Hopefully when he does, he will have some way to stop Yamato whom he did create, preferably not killing Yamato because Yamato is cool and has been victimised so badly this Shinobi War.

Karin’s crying was painful to see, is that all her character is useful now, to have someone shed a tear when Sasuke is at death’s door. Really now, Karin should be one of the best sensor shinobi in the manga, it is strange that she isn’t being used to gather intel or collect information from the battlefield. Guess Kishimoto-sensei had to have a character distress over Sasuke like how Sakura was for Naruto in order to create the parallel between Naruto and Sasuke’s current states. I do agree that it does make the scene more intense but unfortunately for  Karin, her character really is becoming more one-dimensional the longer the story goes on.

Sasuke now, did he seriously express that he wants to become Hokage? Or was he actually referring to creating a village to show everyone that Naruto is a true Hokage? The former seem more likely as Sasuke has yet to fully accept Naruto. I get that Sasuke wants to continue on Itachi’s dream, but this sounds like such a sudden development. From wanting to end Konoha to now wanting to create a true village and show everyone what a real Kage is like. I am confused and wondering how this development affects Naruto’s story, didn’t he want to become Hokage since the first chapter?

Anyway I can see how Naruto will survive – accept the Yin half of Kurama inside him, but how will Sasuke get out of the situation he is in? Will it be the usual emotional power-up or will someone lend him a helping hand? Looking forward to the coming chapters.

Love the colour spread this chapter in celebration of the 15th year anniversary of Naruto.

Naruto chapter 662 - Color spread, 15th Anniversary celebration

This colour spread looks so cool, if only Naruto had some futuristic shinobi like this…

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