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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 61-62 – The Threats On The Horizon

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 62 - King Arthur

Shocking development, was not expecting to see him appear at this point in time, how exciting..

How unexpected, big developments after big developments, it is shocking seeing just how much was set-up in these two chapters! The Goddess, Giant, Fairy and Human clans united in the past to seal the Demon Clan, and Hendricksen on his way to reviving the Demon Clan in order to create an era in which the Holy Knights can prosper with battle, he manages to secure Elizabeth, the final piece to releasing the Demon Clan seal, thanks to one of his knights. Melodias, Ban and Gowther rampage at the Britannia Kingdom until  they sense the presence of the King of Camelot, King Arthur on the opposite side of the Kingdom arriving with a massive army. I am honestly incredibly curious to see how the story develops from here out and where it would likely end up after these recent events.

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