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Fairy Tail Chapter 366-367 – The Demon’s Scheme

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Fairy Tail chapter 367 - Sayla Dream Demon - colour by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Sayla’s scheme – colour by gaston18

To think Natsu would be captured so soon after breaking into the Tartarus headquarters, but I don’t mind, especially since it was Silver who stopped Natsu. Will be interesting to learn Silver’s connection to Gray. Also Elfman, so he did sell Sayla his soul in order to save Lisanna, what a man. Still now that he has come under Sayla’s influence/corruption and is now back at Fairy Tail, I wonder how exactly Sayla plans to break Fairy Tail.

Franmalth is able to suck the strength out of people once he makes contact with them with his hands? These Taratarus demons have such weird powers, and personalities =/. I’m glad we got to see Natsu get in a few good hits on Franmalth before Silver showed up. Based on what Franmalth said concerning Crawford, and how they intend to protect him, it looks like Tartarus requires Crawford quite badly. I suppose since the ex-chairman does have this “super archive” it does make sense that Tartarus is using him to acquire valuable information. I wonder if Crawford really realises that he is being used?

Fairy Tail chapter 366 - Juvia and Gray

So Mashima can be serious when having Juvia and Gray interact with one another

The Juvia and Gray scene was quite nice, rather than her usual infatuated self, Juvia was genuinely worried and scared about the current events regarding Tartarus and as such hugged Gray out of comfort rather than because of her obsession for him. It is good to know that Gray and Juvia can have nice moments without it turning into something comical – nice one Mashima =D.

As for Silver, I wonder how he is related to Gray and why he despises that name so immensely. Is Silver Ur’s brother or something? And he feels that because of Gray, Ur died, and subsequently blames Gray for that. I was thinking about the possibility that Silver is Ur’s husband and Ultear’s father, but he was said to have died, or I at least think that was stated somewhere =/. Though I suppose since it was sad that Ur’s daughter was death in the beginning of Fairy Tail, which turned out to be false, the same thing could happen with Ur’s husband. If Silver really is Ultear’s father, it would help to explain why Ultear had so much magic power since birth. If Silver is Ur’s husband and Ultear’s father, he may hate Gray because it was Gray who caused Ur and Ultear to sacrifice themselves. Whatever happens from here on, it will be really interesting to see how Gray and Silver are connected.

Natsu’s reaction to seeing Lisanna naked, hahah, that was great. Seems like Natsu still has feelings for Lisanna as shown by his embarrassed  reaction when he saw Lisanna naked.

Fairy Tail chapter 367 - Kyouka and Sayla

Sayla seems awfully unhappy about needlessly killing for a demon

Sayla, so she doesn’t like unnecessary killings? How undemon-like of her, she appears more compassionate then the other Tartarus members. Interesting to hear that two of the mages connected to Face’s seal were killed when Tartarus were hunting down former Magic Council members, I guess this really rules out Ultear as being connected to Face, what a disappointment, I was hoping she would have a part to play this arc. Anyway, I will hold onto the hope I have that Ultear will regain her “time” back somehow and become a relevant character within the story of Fairy Tail once again.

And what is Kyouka and Sayla’s relationship? The ambiguous nature of comments they made before the scene shifts to Jellal really does make one wonder…

Fairy Tail chapter 367 - Jellal and Oracion Seis

Jellal trying to help the Oracion Seis

As expected Jellal is trying to gain Oracion Seis’s trust and favour and through fighting alone and with each of the members, he is seeking to convey his feelings through actions. With Zero now awakened in Brain’s body, Jellal may get a chance to truly express how he feels and convey just how much darkness chains one from being truly free. With Zero’s defeat, will the Oracion Seis members finally be free from their “darkness”?

Happy like the boss he is manages to get away from Tartarus’s headquarters and find his way back to Fairy Tail to pass on the information Natsu and he have learned. Finding out that Tartarus’s headquarters is located on a flying cube-like Island was a surprise, how does such a thing move, fly and stay afloat, and exactly big is that “Island”? With Levy tracking it, Fairy Tail will most likely make their move on Tartarus soon, though there is now the issue with Elfman, who is currently corrupted/controlled/manipulated/macro’d by Sayla. Considering that Levy’s magic is also word based, I wonder if she could erase the macro placed on Elfman?

Fairy Tail chapter 367 - Tartarus's headquarters

An Island? How intriguing…

The next chapter is titled “the third seal”, so presumably it has something to do with Jellal, who is the third seal of Face. It could be something entirely different, but whatever the next chapter is about, I’m very much looking forward to it.

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