One Piece Chapter 734 – The Victor Of Block D

One Piece chapter 734 - Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Hahahah I did not see this happening, NOT AT ALL. For three weeks I’ve been wrecking my brain theorising about potential ways the end of Block D can finish but even with that, I wasn’t even close…To think Cavendish had this characteristic to him, sleep walking and a second persona – Hakuba, even stronger than his normal self, I am honestly in awe at Oda-sensei’s ability to surprise the readers yet keep the twist within the realm of possibility. As a fan of One Piece who tries to predict how Oda-sensei will carry out twists, even after 6 years of following One Piece, I can’t predict him, and I LOVE IT!!

One Piece chapter 734 - The Sleep Walking "Hakuba"

This was a badass page, hilarious too

So after Cavendish fell asleep and Hakuba woke up, he went into a berserk trance and KO’d everyone in the arena with one hit, except Rebecca, who was able to sense his attack coming with her Kenbunshoku Haki and evade the attack in time. It makes perfect sense for the twist to end up this way, Rebecca hasn’t shown to have the strength to KO everyone in the arena in an instant, but she has been built-up to have the resilience and skill to be the last one standing. Poor Cavendish though, after all the effort he went through to get rid of all the big names, he ends up falling prey to his peculiar trait as well =P. But I am glad we got some more coverage on Cavendish, he is quite the badass, hopefully we get to see more the Kamaitachi of Rommel.

Well Rebecca has reached the finals and now we shall see how she fares against the big names of Burgess, Bartolomeo, Sabo and Diamente. Sabo seems particularly focused on the Mera Mera no Mi, I wonder if he will really be the one to win it in the end =/. Will Oda-sensei really go for the obvious choice? Well we shall see how powerful Sabo is when he enters the arena for his upcoming battle. Burgess is excited it’s finally the finals, I am curious to see how strong he is. Bartolomeo, hahah, he doesn’t get what is going on, but he is awesome.

So Doflamingo has King Riku in the castle, how interesting. But did he say Rebecca was “lucky”? LUCKY?! Guess that just illustrates how ignorant Doflamingo is and how he is so easy to underestimate a person. Though he does acknowledge the unusualness of King Riku, Rebecca and Viola making a move on that day. Nice to see Doflamingo acknowledging Viola’s gift for foresight, because that may become one of the very pieces that leads to his downfall. He underestimated Sanji’s perversion and has now made an enemy of one incredibly terrifying woman and pirate crew.

One Piece chapter 734 - Doflamingo underestimating the Strawhats

Oh Doflamingo, after you gave that speech of the blind side of humans and you not underestimating the Strawhats…

Anyway back to Doflamingo’s poor excuse of not underestimating the Strawhats because that is exactly what he is doing…he is so going to experience the same ‘fall from grace’ those who challenged the Strawhats felt. I just love the fact that Doflamingo doesn’t factor in the Dwarves rebelling against him, that tunnel they dug is completely in his blind spot. “The notion that ‘he’d never do something as outrageous as that’…is what creates blind spots in us humans!”, isn’t that right Doflamingo, eh? =P. Not knowing the ‘true power’ of the Strawhats, that ignorance will come back to haunt you!! I can’t believe it was Usopp who set-up the situation necessary for Doflamingo be blind-sided, of all people…Usopp truly is frightening, well his lies are…

One Piece chapter 734 - Viola waiting for Luffy

Viola knew Luffy left the tournament?

Viola was waiting for Luffy? How did she know Luffy left the Colosseum? She was probably made aware of Luffy’s presence in the Colosseum when Sanji called Franky and discussed Luffy being there in chapter 713, so she should have known Luffy was in the Colosseum. If she was waiting for Luffy then she must have had information about Luffy leaving the Colosseum and the only ones who know about that are Bartolomeo, Bellamy and the Revolutionary Army (Sabo). Could Viola be connected to the Revolutionary Army? Possibly, I suppose her “contact” could be someone from the Revolutionary Army who is also connected to the government. Or more believable, Viola used her Senrigan to observe the movements of the Strawhats, including Luffy, after they left the Colosseum and headed for the Palace. Well regardless, YAY VIOLA!! Immensely looking forward to the next chapter.

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