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Naruto Chapter 661 – Duality

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Naruto chapter 661 - Sasuke - colour by Striplax (http://striplax.deviantart.com)

Light and dark dance together to form the existence known as man – colour by Striplax

Without war the concept of peace wouldn’t exist and without peace, the reasons for waging war wouldn’t exist. It is a cold yet embracing form the nature of humans take. Madara experiencing first hand the failures of normal methods now seeks to force his method, the Eye of the Moon plan, onto the world and bring about a world free of any contradictions. While it may erase the existence of war, what else would be erased in the process?

Gaara trying to save a dying Naruto after having his Bijuu extracted mirrored back onto the time when Naruto saved a dying Gaara after having his Bijuu extracted. More than anyone, Gaara knows how Naruto is feeling now and the consequential effects that will result if he is too late in carrying out Kurama’s plan. It is incredibly fitting for Gaara to be the one saving Naruto now.

Hashirama offering Sasuke a jutsu able to stop Madara without the use of force contrasts strongly against the character Sasuke has been highlighted to be throughout Naruto – a shinobi always facing battles with power and ability. Sasuke’s potential to be able to influence Madara deep within his heart is an interesting development but one that makes sense as they do appear to be similar to a certain extent. Finding out that Sasuke is actually reminiscent of Madara’s brother, Izuna, was a surprise, though I suppose we barely had much information on Izuna, so it couldn’t have been impossible. If Sasuke is similar to Izuna, the possibility that Sasuke may actually trigger something deep within Madara exist. When Sasuke is able to do that, how will Madara react?

Tobirama, the man who didn’t use to trust the Uchiha, has now chosen to put his trust in one, Sasuke, going so far as to even plead with Madara not to kill Sasuke. And Madara, the man who once fought to protect the Uchiha is now killing an Uchiha, one that is said to resemble his younger brother, Izuna. And on top of that, the path he is pursuing to reach “peace” is one where he ends up destroying the “world”.

The contrasting and poetic nature of character actions this chapter was enough to convey the chapter in a deeply engaging note. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next chapter to find out how the Shinobi Alliance will stop Madara now that he has all nine Bijuu (minus the Yin half of Kurama still with Minato).

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