Bleach Chapter 564 – Souou Zabimaru

Bleach chapter 564 - Souou Zabimaru 2

I absolutely love the design for Souou Zabimaru! Excellent work Kubo-sensei

I have to admit, that was an excellent chapter of Bleach, I’m glad we finally get to see the end of Mask de Masculine because he was an atrocious villain. Renji was badass this chapter revealing his new form of Zabimaru and why he wasn’t able to draw out its full power and potential before, a shame though the stage in which he was finally able to reveal it in was against such an annoying and forgettable character. But regardless, HELL YEAH Renji! Now I can’t wait to see what Kubo-sensei has planned for Rukia!

The Royal Guard members sure are quite something, I am now beginning to understand why those five are the ones who got promoted to the Soul King Palace. Each of them has such unique qualities they bring to the Shinigami as a whole, one could say they represent the very foundations on which the Shinigami techniques and abilities are formed. I honestly was not expecting Hyousube Ichibei to be the person who first choses the names for everything in Soul Society, including Zanpakutou, Shikai and Bankai. Hell I wasn’t even aware that there was a person who chose the name for such things, but as unexpected and weird as this twist is, I am contentedly surprised.

Bleach chapter 564 - Souou Zabimaru

Renji’s Bankai, Souou Zabimaru

Renji, to think Kubo-sensei could come up with a power-up that wasn’t so linear and in fact worked with the core of the Shinigami and Zanpakutou relationship, I am truly impressed. Incorporating the snake and baboon animalistic qualities in such an insanely badass way in Renji’s new Bankai, Kubo-sensei really took his creative abilities to the next level, I love it! Renji now having a more condensed Bankai will make him more viable in combating stronger opponents. Him usually just swinging a massive snake around when he released his Bankai before wasn’t all that exciting, I’m glad Zabimaru didn’t reveal its full name to Renji before and had another form for Renji to unlock.

Let us hope that this is the end of Mask de Masculine, I really do not want to see him revived and continue this already boring fight which is now at a point in which a satisfying end has been met. With Renji unlocking his full Bankai, I wonder if this means that Rukia as well is able to utilise her Bankai now, hopefully! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Bleach chapter 564 - colour spread - Rukia

It has now become highly likely that Rukia will reveal her Bankai this arc =D

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