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One Piece Chapter 734 – The Victor Of Block D

Hahahah I did not see this happening, NOT AT ALL. For three weeks I’ve been wrecking my brain theorising about potential ways the end of Block D can finish but even with that, I wasn’t even close…To think Cavendish had … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 661 – Duality

Without war the concept of peace wouldn’t exist and without peace, the reasons for waging war wouldn’t exist. It is a cold yet embracing form the nature of humans take. Madara experiencing first hand the failures of normal methods now … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 564 – Souou Zabimaru

I have to admit, that was an excellent chapter of Bleach, I’m glad we finally get to see the end of Mask de Masculine because he was an atrocious villain. Renji was badass this chapter revealing his new form of … Continue reading

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