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One Piece Chapter 734 – The Victor Of Block D

One Piece chapter 734 - Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Hahahah I did not see this happening, NOT AT ALL. For three weeks I’ve been wrecking my brain theorising about potential ways the end of Block D can finish but even with that, I wasn’t even close…To think Cavendish had this characteristic to him, sleep walking and a second persona – Hakuba, even stronger than his normal self, I am honestly in awe at Oda-sensei’s ability to surprise the readers yet keep the twist within the realm of possibility. As a fan of One Piece who tries to predict how Oda-sensei will carry out twists, even after 6 years of following One Piece, I can’t predict him, and I LOVE IT!!

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Naruto Chapter 661 – Duality

Naruto chapter 661 - Sasuke - colour by Striplax (http://striplax.deviantart.com)

Light and dark dance together to form the existence known as man – colour by Striplax

Without war the concept of peace wouldn’t exist and without peace, the reasons for waging war wouldn’t exist. It is a cold yet embracing form the nature of humans take. Madara experiencing first hand the failures of normal methods now seeks to force his method, the Eye of the Moon plan, onto the world and bring about a world free of any contradictions. While it may erase the existence of war, what else would be erased in the process?

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Bleach Chapter 564 – Souou Zabimaru

Bleach chapter 564 - Souou Zabimaru 2

I absolutely love the design for Souou Zabimaru! Excellent work Kubo-sensei

I have to admit, that was an excellent chapter of Bleach, I’m glad we finally get to see the end of Mask de Masculine because he was an atrocious villain. Renji was badass this chapter revealing his new form of Zabimaru and why he wasn’t able to draw out its full power and potential before, a shame though the stage in which he was finally able to reveal it in was against such an annoying and forgettable character. But regardless, HELL YEAH Renji! Now I can’t wait to see what Kubo-sensei has planned for Rukia!

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