[Theory] One Piece – Monet Alive + Nakama Theory

One Piece - Monet - drawn by Space Person - colour by Makoto98 (http://makoto98.deviantart.com)

Monet – drawn by Space Person – colour by Makoto98

Monet’s “death” was left quite inconclusive, her heart was stabbed but the stab wound wasn’t that deep, so given that she is a Yuki-Onna and could put herself into a state of suspended animation, should could be saved and subsequently alive. There are also several scenes within the manga that does beg the question, is Monet really dead? And yeah, I’ve become quite obsessed with her character =P.

One of the scenes which causes me to wonder is this one in chapter 675:

One Piece chapter 675 - Monet stopping Caesar from squeezing her heart

Why did Monet stop Caesar from squeezing her heart? Coincidence?

Why is Monet’s timing so perfect in interrupting Caesar from squeezing her heart (which he believed was Smoker’s). If Monet had been a second or more longer, it would have become apparent that the heart Law gave Caesar was Monet’s rather than Smoker’s, why is Monet’s timing so conveniently coincidental?

If Monet were as ‘evil’ and sadistic as many believed, wouldn’t she have waited a few seconds for Caesar to torment Smoker a bit through his heart before interrupting Caesar? In addition, why does Monet have such a desperate look on her face as if she realised that the heart Caesar was handling was hers? Normally Monet has a more relaxed/casual – or “cool” if you would put it like that – expression when conversing with others (when she is not in sadist or embarrassed mode).

It doesn’t seem like Oda-sensei’s writing style to introduce such a conveniently coincidental scene without it holding some significance later on.

On top of that ‘conveniently coincidental scene’, there are some other seemingly coincidental scenes I find myself puzzling over.

It is apparent that snow is inextricably linked to Monet’s character with her being a Yuki-Onna. Throughout the Punk Hazard Arc, since the frozen side of Island was revealed and whenever the focus shifted to scenes of the outside, there was always snow shown to be falling, expect for one chapter, the chapter after Monet’s heart was stabbed (chapter 695).

Monet’s heart in stabbed in chapter 694, but strangely in chapter 695, no snow is shown outside during the “battle” with Baby 5, Buffalo and Caesar. It is further cast into the realms of curiosity when you note that prior to chapter 695, there was snow to be shown falling outside – you can see it falling during the Franky vs Baby 5/Buffalo fight. Snow is shown to be falling again in chapter 696 – an indication Monet is alive? We have seen how snow stops falling (at least in Biscuit’s Room) when Monet was temporarily incapacitated after being slashed by Zoro and Tashigi. The same thing could have happened after her heart was stabbed [shallowly] by Caesar and she [temporarily] lost consciousness. After Oda made the effort to illustrate snow falling outside for every single chapter focusing on the outside of the frozen part of Punk Hazard, except chapter 695, I can’t help but take that to mean something. Or is this another ‘conveniently coincidental scene’?

Then there is also this, note the Snow Rabbit attack by Monet in chapter 687 (page on the left) and note the scene in chapter 700 (page on the right) – the appearance of Snow Rabbits in the ocean waves:

One Piece chapter 687 - Monet's Snow Rabbit One Piece chapter 700 - Snow Rabbits in the Sea

What are we supposed to take that as meaning? Another ‘conveniently coincidental scene’? Or does it have a more focused meaning; such as indicating Monet’s survival, or the revival of the Yuki Yuki no Mi in one of fruits stored in Sanji’s kitchen, or Monet’s heart being taken by one of the Strawhats from Punk Hazard? Whatever it is, it is clear that Oda intended to relate Monet (and/or her Snow Rabbit ability) to that scene in chapter 700 (typical Oda writing style?)

Given the Rabbit motif, rabbits are often associated with the moon (the moon rabbit folklore) and signify rebirth and resurrection. In chapter 666, page 6, third panel, we see one of the books Monet to be interested in reading to potentially be an astronomy book (well “ASTRO” is clearly visible on the spine of the book), in the 5th panel when Monet turns around, we can notice 4 letters on the spine of the top book – “CLIP”, if we continue with the space theme, we can infer that to potentially be “Eclipse”. From chapter 392 we are aware that there are highly likely 6 moons around the world of One Piece – the moons may become relevant to the story of One Piece later (could explain why the weather of the One Piece world is so unstable and the Ancient Weapon Uranus could be related to the moons). Rabbits also serve as a good symbol for Spring (which comes after Winter) which represents new life and new beginnings. Also another interesting point is that Monet shares similar characteristics to people born into the Year of the Rabbit (intelligent, intuitive, gracious, kind, loyal, sensitive to beauty, diplomatic and peace-loving, but prone to moodiness and periods of melancholy). I could be reading too deeply into this, but my delusion is beckoning me.

Another seemingly relevant scene hinting towards Monet is the colour spread for chapter 733:

One Piece chapter 733 - Yuki-Onna?

A snow woman, hmmmm…

It is a winter themed colour spread for December, so no surprise it is winter related, but that “snow woman” sure does resemble Monet in a significant way O.o.

So many “coincidental” moments surrounding the massive coincidence of Caesar stabbing Monet’s heart right before she pushes the button to destroy Punk Hazard… O.o.

The hardest question to answer is why Monet’s character should stay alive =/. The fact that Monet’s past is a complete mystery, including her relationship with Doflamingo, on top of strange actions she had taken during Punk Hazard, could be enough to encapsulate a reason sufficient enough to warrant some extra screen time from Monet.

I was thinking about Monet’s character and couldn’t get over how empty/blank she looked for the majority of the Punk Hazard Arc. Only when it came to sacrificing herself to erase the “evidence” on Punk Hazard did Monet start to show emotion. I suppose her embodying snow symbolised the frozen state of water (where water represents emotion).

Could it be that along with taking comfort in serving Doflamingo, she took happiness in being able to end her life in a certain way?

Death can have quite the charming side, its cold unbiased embrace that silently and peacefully numbs the pain of living.

From the moment Doflamingo mentioned “die for me” to Monet, she became overcome with a wave of emotion that was quite apparent to the readers. She referred to Doflamingo as Joker before that statement, but once he requested her to “die for me”, she began calling him “waka-sama”. What brought about this new-found level of respect?

Monet throughout the arc looked as if she were carrying out her job as a mere formality, as if she were waiting for something. The moment she was able to “die” [for Doflamingo], her emotions awoke and she showed genuine emotion for the first time. The fact that Monet knew where the self-destruct button in the third research lab was and that she went there out of her own will before calling Joker illustrates something. Monet was already prepared to die when she made the decision to head to the self-destruct button in C Block. Monet also showed no concern over her situation when she had to give Law her heart. Why was Monet so okay with her heart being taken? Why wasn’t she concerned about it? Plus when she told Luffy that ‘should anything happen to Master…I will be erased by joker’, she licked her lips. Was she excited at the thought of death? There is also that scene of Monet hugging Luffy and appearing ‘happy’ at the thought of passing away peacefully.

One Piece chapter 675 - Monet agreeing to use her heart in a trade One Piece chapter 681 - Monet One Piece chapter 683 - MonetOne Piece chapter 693 - Monet One Piece chapter 693 - Monet 1One Piece chapter 694 - Monet

Whether she had a deep trauma within her past that made her dance alongside despair, it does seem like Monet attached some sort of joy in dying. Monet could be linked to Doflamingo through his Mariejois days – she is the only person to mention Doflamingo’s intention of desiring to be the Pirate King – and her [and possibly Doflamingo’s trauma] could stem from those times =/. Monet’s potential interest in Astronomy could be attributed to her interest in death, exploring the universe as a whole could provide answers to the meaning/significance of life.

The loyalty the Donquixote Pirates have to Doflamingo is quite impressive, but from what the readers have seen, Doflamingo is a seriously twisted bastard who wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing an ally. Bellamy is clear example of this, he has an intense loyalty to Doflamingo for some reason but Doflamingo doesn’t feel the same way about him, even going so far as to order Dellinger to kill Bellamy.

Contrast this to Law, who was apparently a loyal subordinate of Doflamingo as Law was considered for the “heart” seat and considered a ‘younger brother’ by Doflamingo. But thirteen years ago, something happened, something that completely snapped Law and make him harbor an intense hatred for the man he once served, so much so that Law wants nothing more than to see Doflamingo die.

All the Donquixote Pirates question Law’s reason for betraying Doflamingo, so there is obviously something key which Law realises about Doflamingo that the other Donquixote Pirates don’t. Could knowledge of this cause Monet, if alive, to sever her ties with Doflamingo?

Luffy, could end up revealing Doflamingo’s true nature to everyone (his inadequacy to be the Pirate King?). Monet conveys that Doflamingo has some intention to be Pirate King, but how can someone full of fear (towards Kaido) be able to call themselves the future Pirate King? Doflamingo may have been different in the past – full of dreams and optimism, but now he is just a twisted man scared of those ‘stronger’ than him. If Kaido does appear before Doflamingo falls, it would be awesome to see Luffy directly challenge Kaido and proclaim that he will be the one to be Pirate King. In that moment, before the whole of the New World is shaken, the difference between Doflamingo and Luffy will be showcased. And if Monet does join the crew (as a scout/spy/secretary/astronomer/logia-user), the Strawhats could help her overcome her trauma, like what happened with Nami and Robin, and effectively help her find joy in living as opposed to death.

Monet was never shown to kill anyone – she stabbed Robin when she had the opportunity to kill her. She also only bit the shoulders of the Marines to slow them down – none were shown to have died. She did engage with killing intent when battling Tashigi, but it was battle, so it is expected the parties would fight with intent to kill/injure. Monet was also never seen to directly harm the children, she did impair Mocha’s path when they were running through Biscuit’s room, but that could have just been out of the duty she was assigned (help Caesar). As shown when Monet immobilised Nami, she could have immobilised Mocha before Mocha ran out of the room, but didn’t. Plus for all we know Monet could have done something similar to Law when he swapped out the Kairoseki handcuffs with regular ones, Monet could have given the children normal candy rather than the ones containing the dangerous NHC10 chemical. Monet did actually help to make the children’s time at the facility fun and enjoyable, they didn’t suffer and weren’t mistreated by her when they were in the facility. Her actual character may be different from the one she had shown on Punk Hazard – she is good at acting/lying (maybe too good that she even fools herself).

Both fulfilling her duty and achieving death were attained by activating the C Block self-destruct switch, which is why Monet already made her way there before calling Joker.

It would be quite ironic if a person wishing to die ends up being left alive, what exactly would they do after?

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3 Responses to [Theory] One Piece – Monet Alive + Nakama Theory

  1. Kaushik says:

    And I thought I was the only one obsessed over Monet throughout the PH arc.. this article is just perfect and one that I was looking for.. maybe a bit too much speculation at certain places, still most of them couldn’t be denied at this point. So hoping for a new Straw Hat member who would also be Luffy’s loyal secretary unlike Nami 😀

    • Syphin says:

      Yeah Nami serves as more a treasurer alongside her navigator position, so I can see a new nakama member taking the place of a secretary position if Oda deems it necessary for the Strawhats in the New World =D.

  2. spiros says:

    Wow! Nice theory, but you forget the piece of paper that chopper became during luffy law and the others were catched. This could be Monet too, for example bacause she want to warn Chopper and so to help the strawhats.

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