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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 6) – Pokémon Champion

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Pokemon X - Elite Four and Pokemon Champion

Kalos’s Elite Four: Wikstrom, Seibold, Drasna, and Malva, plus the Pokémon Champion Diantha

Finally got myself all eight badges from the gym leaders and was able to enter the Pokémon League and challenge the Elite Four. The road to the Elite Four – Victory Road was quite the long one, especially since those caves contained so many paths you could travel to retrieve the items hidden throughout the zone. The cave triggering random battles on top of the challenges from other trainers did make the journey take quite some time, especially since I only ended up using “Repel” to avoid random battles near the end of the cave. Still was able to get some nice levels for my Pokémon =D.

The Elite Four each specialise in a particular Pokémon element; Wikstrom specialises in Steel, Siebold in Water, Drasna in Dragon and the sexy Malva in Fire. Even though I didn’t need the money, I still ended up activating my O-Power increased money buff before battling each of the Elite Four. Mainly used my Delphox against Wikstrom’s steel Pokémon, super effective hits for the win =D. Went with my Meowstic and its Thunder Shock and psychic abilities against Siebold’s water Pokémon. Fortunately for me Xerneas is a Fairy Pokémon so with its Moon Blast ability, I was able to make quick work of Drasna’s Dragons. Malva continuing with her cheeky attitude from when she introduced herself to your trainer, felt the cool of Blastoise and its water-based attacks =D.

I was actually surprised to find out that Diantha was the Pokémon Champion. I know our trainer had encountered her a few times in cafe’s during the journey, but I never really gave it much thought =/. It was a pleasant surprise though, that the Kalos Pokémon Champion was someone your trainer had already met. Had to change through several Pokémon during our battle because Diantha utilises a mix of Pokémon types. Was quite exciting the battle and the cut scenes that do play after you defeat her is quite awesome – yay a parade for you.

Once you become the Pokémon Champion, you start-up in your home when you load your game and as you exit your house, you get given the option by Shauna of trading one Pokémon of yours for a Chespin she had acquired from an egg. You also find out that Professor Sycamore has something to tell you in Lumiose City. Currently on my way to Lumiose City.

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