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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 60 – The Shadow Of Terror

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 60 - Melodias's next destination

Will Lyonesse really be their next destination?

So that is what Hendricksen intends to do by releasing the seal the Goddess Clan placed on the Demon Clan…to create a never-ending war in which the Holy Knights purpose and use will never see an end. What a narrow-minded perspective Hendricksen has, to engulf the world in such chaos, just because he doesn’t find enough glory and satisfaction in keeping the peace and protecting the people. He is definitely playing with fire and is completely unaware of the exact terror he is seeking to unleash.

The fact that the “old generation” of Holy Knight became corrupt by the demon blood should be obvious to Hendricksen that relying on the very power he seeks to challenge is folly. The reasons Hendricksen has is filled with so much immaturity and foolishness, didn’t any of his subordinates stop to think why the Demons were sealed in the first place? If those subordinates are oblivious of Hendricksen’s true intentions, they should definitely start finding that out.

With that said, I am glad we do have that development in play now; Jericho, having become suspicious of Hendricksen’s motives and goals has finally started to notice the inconsistencies within his actions and begun to ask some really relevant and piercing questions – why there was a “creature” similar to them in the “Armor Giant”? And what does it all mean…

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 60 - Jericho's suspicion 2

How will this affect Geera? Will she deny what she fears likely happened or will she…

Jericho’s investigations skills truly are impressive, I was not expecting her to reveal her worries so soon to Geera, but she did and on top of picking up on the suspicious activities of Hendricksen, she dug the grave of the “Armor Giant” up and retrieved the necklace/pendant/trinket it wore/possessed when it was human. With that Geera as well should have no choice but to question the very intentions of the Hendericksen and the purpose of the “New Generation” of Holy Knights. She may doubt her father was corrupted by demon blood, but that very question of whether he was would see her seeking an answer and most likely meeting the Seven Deadly Sins to confirm that what she fears to have happened, to be what actually had happened. At that point in time, Geera may also come to understand the love her father had for Zeal and her.

Gilthunder huh, he has a soft spot for Princess Margaret, but if so, why did he end up betraying King Lyonesse? And what does Princess Margaret know? She is aware that the Seven Deadly Sins weren’t in fact the criminals they are being painted but real heroes, what exactly does she know concerning the events from ten years ago? Looking forward to having more of her character revealed. Hopefully with the planned raid on Lyonesse by Melodias to get his sword back, Princess Margaret also ends up getting freed.

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