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Winter Anime Season 2013/14 Line-Up

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Winter Anime Preview 2013/2014 - Neregate v4.0

Winter Anime Preview for 2013/2014 by Neregate

Another exciting line-up of anime for the Winter season of 2013/2014.

Anime I’m looking forward to:

>>Witch Craft Works: Been reading the manga for this and am quite enjoying it. The relationship Honoka and Ayaka have is really sweet and enchanting, to be able to base the power the two share around the relationship they have, it’s quite the endearing development. Plus Ayaka princess-carrying Honoka countless times throughout the story is awesome.

WitchCraft Works Opening「Divine Intervention」:

>>Space Dandy: Ever since it was first announced and hearing that Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bepop, Samurai Champloo, Kids on the Slope) is directing it and that it will be produced by Studio BONES I have been immensely looking forward to this. Saw the 10 minute preview and I enjoyed it, it’s a fun sort of serious that both holds itself as serious and humorous.

>>Noragami: *Reads the synopsis* I am interested! *Watches trailer* YES PLEASE!! Hiroshi Kamiya voicing the main lead, Yato, is buckets of awesomeness, I love his voice and acting =)!

>>Buddy Complex: Its a mecha and by Sunrise, so it should be good. I am up for giving this a try. Preview

>>Nobunaga the Fool: I am always looking forward to any anime studio Satelight brings out, so it is given that I will be interested in this. Plus it’s a mecha!

>>Nobunagun: The dark grimly look the animation conveys is quite fascinating. The synopsis sounds wacky which matches the animation style, so I’m up for giving this series a try. Preview

>>Gin no Saji: Silver Spoon Second Season: I haven’t watched the first season yet but I am incredibly interested in picking this series up, so looking forward to this season two as well as the watching the first season =D.

>>Strange+: The synopsis sounds simple, but within that simpleness, the beauty of anime shines. Looking forward to seeing what these “odds and ends” jobs the Mikuni Detective Agency gets contracted to. Preview

>>Houzuki no Reitetsu: The synopsis was short and sweet, all I needed to know was “dark comedy” and I was sold. The trailer made it impossible for me not to want to watch this show!

>>Wake Up, Girls!: I admit, I’m vaguely interested in what will happen in the story after reading the synopsis and because of that I am just going to put my interest out there and see what happens. Preview

>>Nisekoi: I do read the manga and find it enjoyable albeit a bit stagnating at times but enjoyable nonetheless. I am curious to see what magic studio SHAFT is going to work into Nisekoi like all the other series they have animated. Will be interesting to see how the manga sales are affected by the anime. Preview

>>Wizard Barristers ~ Benmashi Cecil: The synopsis fascinates me, I was not expecting a magic story to utilise such an intriguing and practical set-up. This story does sort of remind of Defense Devil, but Wizard Barristers deals with a story more integrated with the world on top of incorporating magic. The trailers fortify my interest and fascination with the series. One of the series I am most looking forward to this Winter Season.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Winter Anime 2013/14 season =).

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