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Aiki-S (Manga)

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Aiki-S chapter 1 - A new adventure begins

A new adventure begins, Aiki-S is here!

The sequel to the manga Aiki in which the genius martial artist, Kunitoshi Joukyuu, pursues ways in appeasing both his interest in having fun and restoring his body to its former peak condition before his father sealed his powers through weakening his physical capabilities. This time with Veronica and Akemi by his side, he gets an invitation by a former Karate Master and Japanese cuisine chef to head to America and deal with some mysterious organisation gathering martial artist.

I absolutely love the decision to go ahead and add Veronica to the main cast, she is an awesome character with an interesting past whom has been fleshed out quite nicely in the previous part of Aiki. Her being the main female lead is a great move, not only is she just as badass as Joukyuu, she uses swords and her straight-faced approach to Joukyuu’s antics fits so smoothly within the dynamics between the characters it ends up complimenting the flow and humour of the manga magically. The contrasting expressions between Akemi and her add a new flavour to the manga non-existent in the previous part. Plus Veronica’s lack of familiarity with “peace” makes her more charming when she ends up handling situations with a hint of callousness. It is going to be interesting to see how Veronica’s expressions changes when she begins to realise the full picture of the man, Kunitoshi Joukyuu.

Aiki-S chapter 3 - cover page - Veronica

Veronica and Dornier (yay she is also back)

Bull getting caught up in Joukyuu’s pursuit of entertainment again was hilarious, poor guy, guess now that he is on such “friendly” terms with Joukyuu, he can never escape those sadistic hands which just love trolling. But wow, I really feel sorry for Bull, after barely surviving the incident in the previous arc, he is once again being used as a toy. Hopefully he won’t be too mentally traumatised and physically beaten this time…ah who am I kidding, let the gates of hell open and the merciless tormenting begin. I wonder how he will survive this time =D.

Aiki-S chapter 3 - Bull, Veronica, Joukyuu, Akemi, Soutetsu

The new arc in America begins (left to right): Bull, Veronica, Joukyuu, Akemi, Soutetsu

With Joukyuu nearing his perfect form and with Veronica and Akemi beside him, the level of battles end up becoming more intense then the previous part. Plus with the variety of martial arts the new characters practice on top of new wacky weapons and personalities, Aiki-S continues to hold your interest and amused like Aiki.

Enjoyment Level: 9/10

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