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Dragon Recipe Chapter 2-3 – The Dragon Cook And The Holy Sword

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Dragon Recipe chapter 3 - Incia and Kalsis 2

What an amusing relationship the two have =P

Well that was an unusual start to a manhwa, but as ludicrously strange as it was, I found it quite humorous and enjoyable. Rather than push forward as a heavy action series, Dragon Recipe deviants from the norm and instead heavily utilises elements of humour and gags. While this start may not impress you with the action potential it may have in the future, it does instead charm you with its slapstick humour. The way it twists the “usual” way of handling the situation into something so absurd it is beyond hilarious – pulling a sword out of a rock, “undead” knights, “hunting” Dragons, battle scenes. Over the course of three chapters, Dragon Recipe has added a whole new dimension of ridiculousness to those common plot developments it utilised. I for one am quite intrigued about where this series will head, it has my attention.

The Legendary Dragon Killer, Holy Sword “Kalsis” being downgraded into a kitchen knife, I feel so sorry for her, her pain is understandable =P. The complete dysfunctionality between the relationship of Incia and Kalsis is hilarious, they are supposed to be linked through the contract they formed in chapter one but the contrasting methods each of them uses creates this abnormal relationship the two share. Fortunately though, over the course of these two chapters, a situation arose to help the two come to a level of understanding in which the two can shake hands and look at each other with genuineness and respect.

Dragon Recipe chapter 3 - Incia and Kalsis bonding

Incia and Kalsis starting to understand and accept one another

The art continues to impress, I absolutely love Eldo’s artistic style, the seriousness and humorousness of the manhwa blend so well together in the artistic style and when you add the colour, Dragon Recipe is one beautiful manhwa to look at. The way Eldo utilises brightness/lightness within his rendering of the chapters is amazing, I find myself taken by more than a few panels in the chapters.

Dragon Recipe chapter 2 - Incia and Kalsis power-up

Incia and Kalsis syncing together

Incia’s goal has been revealed, the cook who saved her in her past became an influential inspiration to her, driving her to become a great cook within her own right and meet with the man again in the future, being able to stand tall in front of him when the day comes. Thanks to Incia revealing this to Kalsis, Kalsis was able to understand a bit more about Incia and come to accept Incia as her master.

Some potential serious villains have revealed themselves and shown interest in Kalsis as she is the Legendary Dragon Killer Holy Sword. The future chapters should be interesting with those antagonistic characters making moves to get Kalsis from Incia. Looking forward to the coming chapters of Dragon Recipe.


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