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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 4) – Pokémon Amie

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Pokemon Amie illustration

Bonding with your Pokémon through the use of the Pokémon Amie feature

Along with progressing through the story of Pokémon X through collecting my gym badges and thwarting Team Flare’s attempts to gather valuable resources in their possession, I have been playing the Pokémon Amie and Super Training features. Effectively Pokémon Amie lets players interact with their Pokémon using the 3DS’ touchscreen and camera, playing with them and giving them treats to strengthen their bonds, ultimately affecting the way the Pokémon acts during battle. I was curious how Pokémon would act during battles, so when I noticed one of my Pokémon with two Pokémon Amie hearts getting excited before a Pokémon battle began, I became even more curious about the Pokémon Amie feature.

As you grow closer with your Pokémon and strengthen your bond with them, you begin to notice them becoming more interactive during Pokémon battles. Along with additional comments detailing your Pokémon’s feelings towards you, you can get direct battle buffs when you and your Pokémon share a five heart Pokémon Amie relationship. In that state, your Pokémon will occasionally read your mind and evade an oncoming attack as well as gaining the ability to land a critical hit on attacks. It is quite the fascinating feature which as well as being fun, provides direct benefits to your gameplay experience.

The three mini games within Pokémon Amie are quite fun, I really enjoy the ‘Berry Picker‘ (high score of 138) and ‘Head It’ (high score of 1229) games, mainly because I am quite good at those games and can often achieve five-star scores in the unlimited game mode of them for the special Poké Puff treats. The third mini game is the ‘Tile Puzzle‘, I can’t really say I’m all that confident at it, I struggled to achieve a two star score in the unlimited game mode, which is currently my highest score (~760 points). I do like playing it though because I enjoy the challenge and want to see if I can improve on my current high score =P.

The sad thing though about my Pokémon becoming stronger is that since I don’t have a Pokémon with the ‘False Swipe’ ability, most of the time I end up knocking out the Pokémon I intend to capture =P. I most likely have to bring along a Pokémon which can utilise the False wipe ability when I revisit the regions I hadn’t captured all the Pokémon I missed in. Being 15+ levels higher than the zone you currently in doesn’t help as well (currently my Pokémon range from level 60-67), but it does feel good one-shotting most of the opponents you battle.

My current team consists of these six Pokémon:

Syphin's Pokemon Team 2

Delphox, Meowstic, Blastoise, Lucario, Blaziken, and Sigilyph

I managed to completely bond with them in Pokémon Amie and max out all their base stats in the Battle Training. I’m quite confident in my Pokémon team and until I friend some other Pokémon which enchants me as much as my current ones, this will probably be my team for a while. Having a Flying type Pokémon is also incredibly useful for the utilizing the “Fly” ability to travel around the Kalos region and engaging in the Sky Battles, a new Pokémon feature introduced in X and Y which only flying Pokémon can participate in.

Having also recently playing through the Frost Caverns, I have learned more about Team Flare’s goals. They are attempting to use the Pokéballs they stole to capture strong Pokémon and accrue a vast range of power within their ranks before they actively engage in carrying out their final goal of taking control of the world. They attempted to capture Abomasnow and abuse its power for their causes, unfortunately though, they ran into my trainer =P.

Haven’t gotten another gym badge since my last post, so I should stop engaging in so many pointless fights and hurry along to the next city to challenge the remaining gym leaders.


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