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Fairy Tail Chapter 365 – Jellal, The Target Of Tartarus

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Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Where is Jellal - colour by EspadaZero (http://espadazero.deviantart.com)

The one man between an era of terror and the hope for a future – colour by EspadaZero

Well that was an epic chapter, fist-pumpingly, excitement-satisfyingly epic. Goodness, I can’t stop smiling. Just when I thought things were looking bad for Fairy Tail, Natsu, like a raging inferno, ignites the skies with his anger and rains molten fury down on Tartarus. An amazingly set-up entrance executed epically by Mashima-sensei, Natsu was such a badass this chapter. More relevantly though, we find out that the last surviving mage related to the seal on Face is Jellal.

I am continually becoming more impressed with Natsu through each development this arc. Analysing the situation at Crawford abandoned home which was left in ruins, Natsu was able to accurately reach a conclusion exact to the what happened moments before. Furthermore, the fact that Natsu incinerated all the herbs in Crawford’s house effectively removing any barriers from using his sense of smell to track Erza and Mira, I can’t help but take my hat off to him. When Natsu is in the zone, he is IN the zone! And he don’t mess around, focusing all his attention to his sense of smell and tracking down Tartarus, that was beyond cool.

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Erza imprisoned

What a dangerously sexy body she has

Erza being imprisoned and stripped bare while interrogated by Kyouka, what a conflicting eruption of emotions. I did enjoy the scenes of Erza’s bare body, she is one sexy mage, but Kyouka…she is such a sadist, torturing Erza is such an extreme manner – raising Erza’s sense of pain to the most sensitive and using the fate of Mirajane’s life against her – how fiendish!

Speaking of Mirajane, I wonder what would happen if Tartarus do go through with modifying her body completely with the Demon transformation procedure. Mirajane is a special case, unlike any other person who would go through such a procedure, Mirajane is able to transform into a demon herself without the help of any external source (through her Take Over ability). It has become apparent that the mental state and structure of the person undergoing such this procedure will be affected, but if Mirajane regains her former self again after transforming, would she be able to transform into another Demon form besides Satan Soul? And another thing, would Mirajane be able to Take Over Minerva’s demon form? Events centering around the Demon transformation should be real interesting.

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Mirajane and the demon transformation procedure

I am really curious to see what effect Mirajane’s Take Over ability will have with this demon transformation

Jellal, so he is the last surviving mage related to the seal on Face, huh? I wonder if this is what Tartarus believes because they are under the presumption that Ultear is dead – died through her use of the Lost Magic, Last Ages. Apart from Jellal, Meredy, Gray and Ultear herself, no other person is aware of what exactly happened to Ultear, so those people presuming she died would be a natural one (Natsu would be able to identify Ultear with his nose though). Until we get confirmation on who the other two “dead” council members were, I will continue to believe that Ultear is also related to the seal of Face.

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Jellal vs Oracion Seis

Jellal is such a charming character, he is so much more badass now that he is driven by a purpose

Jellal vs Oración Seis was somewhat of a surprise, I was expecting the two parties to engage in conversation first but I suppose with Oración Seis just regaining their freedom and being on edge, they wouldn’t trust Jellal just like that even if they had had prior connections with him. Jellal taking them all on was quite cool and he does seem to have a plan by calling the Oración Seis members by their real names. Jellal also confirms this chapter that Angel, whose real name is Sorano Arguira, is Yukino Aguira’s older sister. I had actually forgotten about Angel during the Grand Magic Games Arc which Yukino was active in, so I hadn’t arrived at the connection that Angel and Yukino looked a lot alike. Sorano wielding a new magic has me intrigued, I look forward to seeing more of it revealed. Also did Sorano just blush at Jellal after he acknowledged Sorano’s magic? Looks like one by one, each of the Oración Seis members are becoming charmed by Jellal =P. I’m so looking forward to seeing Crime Sorcière and Oración Seis work together.

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Jellal the last surviving mage related to the seal on Face

If Tartarus presumed Ultear died after using Last Ages, it could explain why they think two of the mages related to the seal on Face are dead

I got to admit, having Kyouka reveal the identity of one of the mages related the seal on Face seemed initially silly, but Mashima-sensei executed the reveal quite skillfully, not only did he convey to the reader in a natural way who one of the mages related to the seal was, he also retained the shrewdness of Kyouka’s character through her use of using Mirajane’s well-being as a further interrogating tool. Kyouka is quite skilled at utilizing the carrot and stick method it seems. I am excited to see the next round between Erza and Kyouka (after Erza is freed); in a real fight, how would these two match-up? I wouldn’t mind an Erza and Minerva vs Kyouka match-up once Erza is able to help Minerva regain her self.

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Franmalth and Crawford 1 Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Franmalth and Crawford 2Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Natsu's furyCrawford is such a fool, I can’t believe such a selfish and contemptuous man resided as the Chairman of the Magic Council at one point…ah, no wonder I wasn’t too fond of the Magic Council throughout Fairy Tail, they didn’t do much beside complain and judge. At least it has become clear who the bankroller behind the Tartarus operation is, none other than Crawford. Franmalth reassuring Crawford that no one would be able to find the Tartarus base and then seconds later seeing Natsu blazing through the sky with Happy was completely hilarious, and satisfying. Take that Crawford, just take it, rewind it back and take it again too! He so deserved that punch Natsu prepared for him like a present for Christmas. Crawford’s fake teeth flying out elevated the scene to even more intense levels of satisfaction. You underestimate a Dragon Slayer, and in more particular, a Fairy Tail Mage, you might as well start digging a grave for yourself.

Very much looking forward to next issues chapter =D.

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