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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 59 – The Fifth Sin

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 59 - colour spread

A new Sin to join the band of criminals!

Gowther, the goat’s sin of lust is indeed quite the character. His inability to read the situation and say just the right thing at the wrong time is quite amusing, I am definitely looking forward to seeing how he develops the dynamics between the group now. It also will be interesting to hear what other bits of information he has to share with the readers when he begins reading other people’s thoughts and memories, especially if target of his ability ends up being the mysterious Melodias.

Gowther has displayed the use of quite an intriguing ability – the ability to have some access to a person memories and thoughts (‘Search Light’) and being able to trap a person inside those memories (‘Invasion’). His abilities appear quite invading especially when they involve a person mind, this could make the gathering of information concerning the Holy Knights intentions much more rewarding when they do meet certain Holy Knights. Also given how Gowther was able to catch the charged arrow of Weinheidt’s with his bare hands and was able to behead the creature in the armor so effortlessly, it suggest that he is also a capable fighter.

So we finally get an informative image of how the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony, Merlin, looks – she looks quite menacing, how exciting. It is also revealed that Merlin (interesting name) was the one who rendered Melodias unconscious when the Seven Deadly Sin’s attempted to escape after finding the Great Holy Knight murdered. The fact that Melodias wasn’t captured then suggest that Merlin hadn’t intended to betray Melodias. But exactly was the reason she rendered Melodias unconscious? It is going to be interesting to find out and have more of the story on the past filled in. With Merlin now coming into the focus it is reasonable to assume that she will be the next Sin covered in the manga, especially with Gowther having heard rumours of Merlin’s whereabouts. I’m also interested in seeing how Merlin will react when she notices the ‘Boar Hat Bar’ and it residing on top of a giant pig/boar. Will a softer, gentler, and more humorous side of her emerge? Also going by the name ‘Merlin’, it does seem that she will wield a style of fighting close to that of ‘magic’.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 59 - Gowther's deduction

Nice one Gowther, let’s hope this development gets some focus now

Nice how Gowther picked up on the fact that Elizabeth likes Melodias, it was also apparent to the readers, hopefully though, this development doesn’t get swept under the carpet and forgotten due to everyone being drunk. I would like to see it focused on and taken a step or two further.

Holy Knight Helbram, what a douche, I still can’t believe he was so passionately preaching about his holiness and the Seven Deadly Sin’s profanity back during the Byzel Arc. As if he doesn’t realise that trying to revive the Demon Clan and usher in an era of terror to the world (Britannia) is not the apex of profanity and unholiness. Just because he has the ability to utilise other people’s strength and power (‘Link’), he gets cocky and thinks of himself as someone truly special. I don’t really get what is up with King and him and why King refuses to uses all his power, but whatever it is, Helbram would look better face down in the ground defeated. Getting Geera to blow up a part of her father really pushed me over, what a despicable guy to make Geera do something like that. The fact that he barely reveals anything to her makes it even worse – that there are side effects to consuming Demon blood, that her father was affected by the Demon blood or something related to it somehow and ended up ‘losing himself’, that her superiors are trying to hide this from her. It has become blatantly clear and obvious that Geera’s superiors have zero care for her well-being and only seek to continue using her for their ends due to her being able to wield the Demons power. Geera should definitely get a clue and question the orders she is given.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 59 - Geera unaware

That was just sad, Helbram is such a jerk for letting Geera do that

On that note, I am glad Jericho has started to suspect Helbram of being untrustworthy and has taken it upon herself to investigate the situation she feels uneasy about – the order for Dawn Roar to deal with the ‘armor giant’. Overhearing the conversation Dawn Roar have over their confusion of why Helbram excluded the “New Generation” Holy Knights from handling the situation and how Dawn Roar suspect Helbram of wanting to desperately hide the existence of the monster (chapter 56). Threader is right, Helbram doesn’t want Geera and the other “New Generation” Holy Knights to find out about the terrors of Demon influences. Hopefully Jericho is able to piece together the inconsistencies and find out from the Seven Deadly Sins that the identity of the monster was Dale, Geera’s father.

Really looking forward to seeing how the Demons are going to fit within the story of Nanatsu no Taizai and who this person known as Hendericksen actually is – why does he wield so much power and why does he want to revive the Demons?

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