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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 2) – Mega Evolution

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Pokemon X - Delphox - by KeiNhanGia (http://keinhangia.deviantart.com)

The Wizard Fox, Delphox – by KeiNhanGia

I am seriously engrossed in Pokémon X now, I find myself looking forward to continuing my journey across Kalos and capturing as many Pokémon as I can whenever I am not playing Pokémon X. There is just something completely enchanting about progress and seeing your Pokémon grow, evolve and gain new abilities through the challenges you face within your journey. It’s enjoyable, compelling and even after hours of play, the game remains shockingly fresh and full of life. Even though I have only just gotten my third gym badge (the Rumble Badge) from the gym leader Korrina, I have accumulated so many hours of game play and I feel like I can spend a lot more time in my journey in Pokémon X.

Korrina is awesome, she is my current favourite gym leader in Pokémon X. The moment she met my character a few towns back due to one of her Lucario’s showing an unusual interest in my character, I became quite intrigued with her character and was looking forward to our gym battle since then. Her roller blading sporty appearance was pretty cool and it was amusing how she was able to incorporate roller blade terminology with her speech. The gym battle itself was pretty one-sided, I specialise in Fire/Physic Pokémon which were super effective against Korrina’s fighting Pokémon (my Pokémon’s Physic type abilities). The Mega Evolution battle on the other hand was pretty exciting as it showcased what exactly Mega Evolution was and how it functions. It does seem Digimon-ish to me, ‘digi-volving’ your Pokémon with your trainer’s bracelet =P. Mega Evolution effectively power-ups your Pokémon rather than “evolve” them as the name excitingly implies. The physical appearance change isn’t as dramatic as an evolution but the Pokémon do get some cool looking changes. Currently I have only Mega Evolved Lucario and Blastoise, but I have to admit, this development to the Pokémon world is quite interesting, how exactly will Pokémon change from here on out?

Pokémon X - Rumble Gym Leader, Korrina Pokémon X - Lucario and Mega Lucario

And speaking of Lucario, Korrina’s was kind enough to allow her Lucario who showed an interest in my trainer to join my party. Korrina really is awesome, it must have been tough for her to part with a Pokémon she took care of for so long, but that just makes me want to take care of it more. I did have my Pokémon party set up but with the addition of Lucario and a Lapis which was also given to me by a trainer who couldn’t progress into the wide world and give their Lapis the adventure it so deserved, I now had to make some changes and bank some of my Pokémon I didn’t really want to sideline, namely Blaziken (the second evolved state of Torchic). My Blaziken had the ‘cut’ ability to allow for my trainer to cut bushes blocking certain paths to hidden items, so without it I have no other Pokémon who can use that ability. I could teach it to my Delphox or Meowstic but I’m happy with the four abilities they have active at the moment.

Currently my Pokémon party consist of four Pokémon I am definitely intending the play the game with: Delphox (nicknamed Flare), Meowstic [female] (Jem), Blastoise (Splash), and Korrina’s Lucario (Shadow). The other two slots I’m not too set on, they are currently occupied by the newly acquired Lapis (Kairo) and the Pokémon I acquired through a fossil a while back in the game, Tyrunt (haven’t given it a nickname yet). I do like Dragon type Pokémon so it is nice I have Tyrunt, but I would prefer to find one which can use the “Fly” ability when I do acquire that ability.

Syphin's Pokemon Team

The main Pokémon I use for battle

Got the ‘Surf’ ability from Serena so able to transverse across water now. Speaking of Serena, pretty cool that she is your character’s rival in the story, I always look forward to challenging her and seeing how the story develops.

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