Naruto Chapter 659 – The Rinnegan

Naruto chapter 659 - Rinbo Hengoku - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Those eyes which have yet to expose the sheer depth lying within – Rinbo Hengoku – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

I was worried that the battle with Madara would be similar to the one we seen against Obito, but it turns out that won’t really be the case, especially with Madara boasting his control over the Rinnegan is at levels of the Rikudou Sennin. Also with Madara versing the Bijuu instead of only a person, that is a new element to the battle which wasn’t present in the battles before the war, though I do wonder how long this type of battle will last until it does come down to person vs person.

So Madara can still summon the Gedo Mazou, interesting, I had forgotten about that and the fact that it can absorb and hold the Bijuu chakra. Looks like the development of someone wanting to be a wannabe-Rikudou Sennin is still ongoing. I say ‘wannabe’ because even amongst the pride Madara has in his abilities, he is not even close to the abilities Hagoromo has been said to have wielded – even after he extracted the Juubi from himself and separated it into nine parts, he was still able to perform a jutsu which turned the Juubi’s body – the Gedo Mazou – into the moon.

I’m glad Kakashi and Minato are preventing the Black Zetsu from claiming the left Rinnegan for Madara, just knowing that they are relevant to the battle as well is exciting. I am also enjoying the fight Obito is putting up against Zetsu in order to  prevent the remaining Rinnegan from falling into Madara’s hands – I still wonder where exactly Zetsu got the right Rinnegan eye from =/. Obito, as much as he has fallen into depravity, the intensity of his realisation of the wrongs he has done is starting to redeem his character slightly. It does seem his death is inevitable at this point, so seeing Obito do as much as he can to prevent Madara, the man who has been using him, from furthering the Eye of the Moon Plan or any of Madara’s other goals is admirable to see.

Does Hashirama’s cells really offer that much regenerative ability? If so, why doesn’t Hashirama hook Naruto up with his DNA? But honestly, I swear Hashirama never had that intense level of regenerating whenever he fought with Madara, only when Madara got his hands on such a power did it begin to exhibit such monstrous qualities. I do wonder what the limit to Madara’s power is going to be =/.

Madara able to perform some jutsu called Rinbo/Hengoku and summon the Gedo Mazou’s chains to bind the Bijuu. Hopefully next chapter we get to see Naruto in some action breaking the flow of the moment and smashing the chains binding the Bijuu. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Sasuke show up and suddenly slice the chains with his Susanno.

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