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Bleach Chapter 562 – A Wild Renji Attacks

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Bleach chapter 562 - Renji attacks - colouring by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

Eyes of a villain – colouring by DEOHVI

There are those moments you have where you are literally left speechless after reading/seeing/hearing/feeling something so ridiculous, your brain it left utterly in a state of shock and disbelief, unable to come to grasp with what it just had experienced. This chapter came close to that, and not entirely in a good way. The fact that a Sternritter as uninteresting, one-dimensional and throw-away as Mask De Masculine got three chapters and a bit to be focused on has me completely confused. Kubo-sensei was doing so incredibly well with his pacing and focus this arc, but then he goes and spends such a large amount of time on some annoying character who we all know is going to get thrashed take such a bold and central focus for these last few chapters. I understand that there is a war going on between the Shinigami and Quincy, but that doesn’t mean you have to show all the fights, at least quicken the pace of those which contain the least amount of intrigue. Hopefully the slash which Renji let out just ended this battle.

Bleach chapter 562 - Rukia

So Renji has powered up that much, huh?

Seeing Renji be so hyped up by Rukia’s comments on him being so powerful Mask De Masculine won’t even present Renji a challenge made Kensei and Rose’s character even more pitiful, not to mention Shuuhei, Ikkaku and Yumichika, any possibility of them being useful in the battles this arc completely went out the window. I really don’t get why certain characters have to be destroyed so badly to hype up other characters, can’t Kubo-sensei expand on the battles and make sure that the victor earns his victory based on his strength not on the stupidity of his opponent and lame plot twist. Renji right now disposing of Mask De Masculine so effortlessly (one slash) sets him up as being better than two Captains who are also Visored’s and were unable to even harm their opponent much. It’s just sad to see Kensei and Rose be used as victims by Mask De Masculine to hype up Renji.

What I am glad about is that Mask De Masculine had his ‘fan’ James alive and was able to heal his ear drums bringing him back to fighting capability. It would have been a shame for Renji to defeat a half-dead opponent who had no hearing, a real shame.

Bleach chapter 562 - Renji

Renji acting so cool all of a sudden

Whenever Mask De Masculine opens his mouth and releases an attack name, I cringe inside and cry a little from seeing what Bleach has turned into, does the hero and justice characteristic of Mask De Masculine have to be pushed in such a forceful and unwanted way? I don’t mind that a Sternritter represent those things but having it invade every page of the manga makes you want to vomit and revisit the tolerance you had assumed for it. Why the hell is a Quincy in the first place speaking justice? What makes him a hero? From what I remember, the Sternritter’s leader, Yhwach, he destroyed a ton of Hollow and caused the fabrics of worlds to almost collapse and cause the end of reality =/. The Sternritter are clearly the villains…so seeing one of its members spew out so many comments centering around being a hero and justice, such a thing is beyond amusing and instead sadly ridiculous.

Ah I had hoped Renji would just end this battle right from the first page, but it ended up getting stretched straight throughout the whole chapter. Hopefully it is over now, I would roll over from rage if it was revealed next chapter that Mask de Masculine had countered Renji’s slash in some way and the battle ended up being extended a whole chapter. Well whatever happens, I am looking forward to seeing other characters and their battles and whether defeat Shinigami will end up getting a chance to shine this arc (Shinji, Kensei, Rose).

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