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Naruto Chapter 658 – The Force Known As Madara

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Naruto chapter 658 - Revival - colour by NarutoPants (http://narutopants.deviantart.com)

Madara’s revival advances one step further- colour by NarutoPants

Well I admit it is impressive that Madara is able to take on all nine Bijuu and only come out with an arm lost, but the amount of questionable methods he used is concerning. Firstly how was he able to absorb Sasuke’s Amaterasu last chapter and how is he able to summon Susanoo this chapter when he had no Sharingan eyes? Can Uchiha actually utilise their jutsu without the need for their sharingan? I can’t really say the prior 657 chapters support that but who knows, Kishimoto-sensei may have some logical explanation to crease out these plot-wrinkles.

Pretty cool to see Gaara start the show up along side Shukaku, it’s almost like those two never separated. The attack to leave sand particles in Madara’s blood stream was smart and the follow-up of the one to seven tailed Bijuu was nice, but it did look pretty cheesy having the Bijuu attack in the order of their tail number and together in that fashion. Couldn’t one of the tailed beast just gone berserk on Madara and unleashed a fury of attacks on him rather than one? Well regardless, Gaara’s seal was awesome, a shame that Uchiha can use sharingan powers without a sharingan…what exactly is explanation behind that? Do they need eyes to learn them in the first place and once learned they are able to recall that attack with their bodies and Uchiha blood? If so, it seems extremely convenient…

Naruto chapter 658 - Nine Bijuu Tail Smash

Nine Bijuu sitting and wagging their tails, how cute

The nine Bijuu tail smashing Madara was odd and incredibly weird, but I suppose it was impressive trolling by Naruto, especially when two pages before he told Madara to think again if the Bijuu were just going to sit and wag their tail for him, because that is exactly they did! I’m surprised Madara only lost an arm and with such a clean sever.

Anyway White Zetsu shows up with Nagato’s right Rinnegan – how did Zetsu get it? Well it is expected that Madara will get both Rinnegan eyes at some point and be thrashed shortly after, but to think he would just be able to shove an eye right into his eye socket and get the eye to magically work? What ever happened to Medical Ninjutsu and logic? What made it worse was Madara cutting Zetsu’s arm and sticking it on his right arm…Does Hashirama’s DNA really allow for such intense levels of regeneration? If so Hashirama should share some with Naruto, a fellow Senju shinobi.

Now that Madara has his right Rinnegan, I am looking forward to seeing him grow more powerful and inch closer to his inevitable defeat.

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