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Bleach Chapter 561 – A Wild Renji Appears

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Bleach Chapter 561 - Abarai Renji 1

Cue the Pokemon battle music! He is here!

This chapter irritated me in so many ways…once again we have a Shinigami Captain reveal their secrets to how their Bankai functions to their opponent and immediately after get their Bankai countered and themselves thrashed to next Thursday. Kensei got himself a beat down usually reserved for lieutenants and Rose wilted before he even bloomed…and shamefully even more, what took him down was a ‘star beam’ attack. I don’t even know what to say anymore, two Shinigami Captains whom are Visored got themselves completely owned by one of the weirdest and uninteresting Bleach antagonist. Well at least Renji appeared, hopefully this time a Shinigami doesn’t go and blurt out the weakness to their Bankai.

Wow, I was seriously expecting Kensei to make a comeback, but all he got was his back against the ground and knee to the chest after the comprehensive beat down he suffered. Nice though that Rose took the opportunity to take down James and even went as far as activating his Bankai quickly to deal with the enemy in the least time possible. Everything went well until Rose went and vomited out the secrets to how his Bankai functions…if you tell him that your attacks are based around illusions and that it works by sound and the rhythms reverberating in his ears, of course Mask de Masculine is going to destroy his own eardrums, like c’mon! Why the hell is it necessary for these characters to verbally walk the enemy through how their abilities work? Can’t they just make a personal mental note of their attacks and how it functions to keep to reader informed while keeping the enemy in the dark? I really can’t laugh seeing this type of character take out two experienced Shinigami Captains.

Another thing, Kensei and Rose are both Visored, why didn’t they just don their mask and smack their Quincy opponent into oblivion? So far all the Visored were victims of their own stupidity; Shinji, Kensei and Rose got themselves thrashed because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut and told their enemies the exact weakness to their abilities.

Bleach chapter 561 - I'm a Villain - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

“I’m a villain” – colour by i-azu

Well at least a wild Renji appears to challenge Super Star Mask de Masculine. Hopefully he doesn’t follow Kensei and Rose’s example of revealing valuable secrets concerning Bankai and instead favours keeping his opponent in the dark to create opportunities to attack. But a Lieutenant achieving what two Captain failed to even come close to achieving, is Kubo-sensei really going to let Renji thrash Mask de Masculine? Did he just want to use Kensei and Rose as objects to show how powerful Mask de Masculine is so he can show how much stronger Renji has gotten? If so, poor Kensei and Rose =/. Either way, it will be good when this Super Star Sternritter is gone, he is becoming a tad boring now.

And yeah one other thing, why did Mask de Masculine ask Renji who he was, it is not like Mask de Masculine can hear the response even if he wanted to, you know with his broken eardrums and all. Anyway looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully Renji takes Mask de Masculine out with one juicy kick.

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