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One Piece Chapter 730 – Converging Point

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 One Piece chapter 730 - Doflamingo and Admiral Isshou

A temporary alliance between the two but a word of warning from Admiral Isshou

No words can describe how incredibly amazing and beautiful this chapter was but I will try. The sheer chaos, excitement and unexpectedness unleashed this chapter was way beyond anything we have experienced thus far in One Piece. Zoro’s bout with Admiral Isshou, Kinemon’s encounter with Doflamingo while trying to retrieve Law but failing, Luffy’s inability to get out of the Colosseum to help, Nami’s realisation of what Doflamingo is after and what Law is giving his life to protect, the cover of the Strawhats blown, the appearance of Big Mom looking to crush the Thousand Sunny and secure Caesar, and everyone’s collective goal of heading to the palace to crush Doflamingo. This chapter was packed with so much intensity and awesomeness, that if tears of euphoria didn’t escape your eyes, your mind would at least be blown.

Admiral Isshou’s sudden appearance shocked me, I was at least expecting a small clash between Zoro and Doflamingo before Isshou intervened but it looks like Isshou is in the Shichibukai’s corner for now. I am curious about the decision Isshou will make concerning Doflamingo later in the arc, especially considering that Isshou operates in way not completely alongside the World Governments intentions, he is very much independent when making his decisions. But anyway, the Zoro vs Isshou clash was quite awesome, at least Zoro is aware now of the fact that Isshou can control gravity, he will be prepared next time.

With Law still in the hands of Doflamingo and the Strawhats cover blown, things have become real intense. I doubt Luffy will be able to participate in the Colosseum tournament anymore, hopefully this will allow Rebecca to shine and ultimately be the champion at the end winning the Mera Mera no Mi which so fittingly suits her (her resemblance to Ace’s situation). It is interesting to note that Luffy can still hear Laws “voice”, is this the effect of Luffy’s familiarity with Haki or is it because of that unique ability Luffy has which allows him to hear the voice of creatures, like Gol D Roger? Whatever it is, it has been confirmed that Law is still alive!

Big Mom’s appearance, what the hell, now how are we suppose to prepare ourselves for this development, especially when it reveals itself in a flashy double page spread? My mind honestly got knocked off its feet and into a sea of excitement and unexpectedness which seems to be rather thick of these developments this arc =P. Hilarious how Caesar somehow pissed Big Mom off to make her also target him, things really do keep piling on top of each other. Thankfully the Thousand Sunny is extremely mobile and tough. Would be amusing if Jinbe is chatting with Law’s nakama as the Strawhats sail to Zou with some Big Mom pirates following them. Considering what happened this arc so far, I wouldn’t be surprised.

One Piece chapter 730 - the rights to three cards

That was quite badass of Nami to notice such a thing and simply the matter for Luffy

Nami shocked me, so she realised the same thing Law did, how observant, frightfully observant. She was able to realise the three cards in play regarding their battle with Doflamingo: the Smile factory which is in Doflamingo’s possession, Caesar whom the Strawhats have, and Momonosuke whom the Strawhats have as well. I’ve also been wondering what Doflamingo wants with Momonosuke, especially since he became interested in Momonosuke before Momonosuke even consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Devil Fruit. Could Momonosuke be part of Wano Kuni royalty? The shogun? And attaining him means effectively forcing an alliance between Wano Kuni and him? Wano Kuni is unaffiliated with the World Government meaning that it has enough strength and support on its own to combat pirates and other worldly threats without the World Governments aid. By that interpretation alone, having an alliance with Wano Kuni would be a major move for any faction that does so. Therefore the possibility that Doflamingo is looking to force Wano Kuni to align with him does hold some weight.

Badass how Luffy took command and issued orders to Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke to head to Zou with Caesar as well as agreeing to Sanji’s request of returning fire on Big Mom’s ship. That really was awesome to behold. With everyone now converging at the Dressrosa Palace: the Riku army, Viola, Luffy and Co, Admiral Isshou, and Doflamingo with Law in hand, things really are going to erupt in even more chaotic and unexpected ways. Very much looking forward to the coming chapters (which other unexpected characters will make appearances this arc?).

One Piece chapter 730 - The collective desire to crush Doflamingo

The collective desire to crush Doflamingo, a real bad man

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