Naruto 656-657 – Back From The Dead

Naruto chapter 656 - Uchiha Madara - colour by StingCunha (

Well of course he had a plan, he is Uchiha Madara – colour by StingCunha

Well I’m feeling incredibly uneasy and uncomfortable now…I feel so trolled even though I was expecting to be massively trolled by Madara. Ah I really hope this Madara battle doesn’t span as long as the Obito one because that did take a while and effectively what Madara is trying to achieve is the same thing as what Obito tried to achieve – to become the Rikudou Sennin. We all know Madara is going to be kicked to the curb, so let’s hope Kishimoto-sensei speeds things up and skips over the Madara trolling the Bijuu to the part where Sasuke and Naruto wipes the floor with Madara.

Pretty awesome to see the Shuukaku agree to team up with Gaara again even though he did it in such a tsundere manner =P. Great how also the other Bijuu agreed to tag along to help out Naruto – awwww so much love =D.

Madara, of course, even though constrained by Hashirama, he still finds a way to troll everyone. Poor Obito, finally understanding why Nagato betrayed him and the realisation Nagato arrived at, he becomes the victim of Madara’s sadistic exploits and is forced to revive him. Well on the plus side at least Madara can die now. Still, sucks that Obito who has finally decided to right some of the many wrongs he has committed is refused even that penance.

Naruto chapter 656 - Madara - colour by belucEn (

Madara is such a troll – colour by belucEn

What I don’t get though is why Minato and Kakashi stood there so dumbfounded for so long just watching the Black Zetsu merge with Obito. At least try something to prevent that outcome =/. Well now Black Zetsu is merged with Obito’s dying body and keeping it alive, Minato and Kakashi do find themselves in a pickle, especially since Madara is eying the Rinnegan Obito has. It would be cool if Sakura is able to disrupt the attachment Black Zetsu has with Obito, through some creative thinking with her experience with the White Zetsu. Sakura is a genius at chakra control so I don’t see why she couldn’t do something of that nature. It would be even cooler if Hinata with her Byakugan joined in as well to help get the Black Zetsu out of Obito.

I am shocked Madara was able to steal Hashirama’s Senjutsu chakra, for the man known as the strongest shinobi in the world, he is really missing the levels of expectation he had set for him. He literally did nothing when a blind Madara approached him and could only be choked. Since Hashirama had Senjutsu chakra to steal, he was in Senjutsu mode and  should have been able to sense Madara approach especially given the fact that he is known as the STRONGEST shinobi. Also is Madara an idiot? Does he not know how Senjutsu functions? The user draws chakra from their surroundings, so obviously they won’t be much stored within the person. You can’t steal a Senjutsu form, you have to learn how to maintain. Hopefully Naruto shows him how its done.

Naruto chapter 657 - Madara vs Sasuke - colour by Sentork (

Madara vs Sasuke – colour by Sentork

I admit I got quite uneasy when Madara mentioned stealing Sasuke’s eyes, I really don’t want that to happen as I want Sasuke to reveal the uniqueness of his Mangekyo Sharingan. Madara also targeting the Bijuu puts me at unease, guess it is time for Naruto to take the Bijuu into him before Madara. Ah, looking forward to Sasuke reaching into his endless bag of Uchiha tricks and stomping the floor with Madara.

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