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One Piece Chapter 729 – You’re Free To Go Wild!

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One Piece chapter 729 - Doflamingo

Just how strong is Doflamingo?

There he goes again, Doflamingo gives Luffy another reason for wanting to take him down. If the treatment of Rebecca by the country wasn’t enough, he went and showed Law getting shot right in front of Luffy. Law saved Luffy’s life and Luffy knows this, Luffy also knows Law is a good guy which is why he agreed on the alliance between the two. There is no way Luffy is leaving Dressrosa now without giving Doflamingo a serious beat down, just like he did with Crocodile and Hody. It is going to be satisfying seeing Doflamingo fall after painting himself such a bad guy.

Bellamy, so he did intend to assassinate Luffy…I am shocked, I thought he wisened up and after his trip to Skypeia, but no, looks like retained the same simplistic thinking he had back when Luffy one punch KO’d him. Hopefully he got the hint from his run in with Dellinger and realised that Doflamingo and his crew don’t need him nor thinks highly of him.

So Doflamingo was aware Viola betrayed him, I’m surprised his reaction was more reactive =/, does he not need her anymore? And sending only Lao G to guard the Smile Factory entrance? Is Lao G really that strong or is he just underestimating the Strawhats? Most likely the latter as he has yet to even realise that the Strawhats have gathered a lot of allies since being in Dressrosa. Law really does believe in the will of ‘D’, I wonder why? Did Law meet a member of ‘D’ before? Was Kora a ‘D’? The way Law expressed how ‘D’ will bring another storm sounds like he was speaking personally and with a lot of conviction. I would gamble my guess on concluding that Law was not referring to the storm Gol D Roger caused, because that was more a world shattering storm Roger brought.

One Piece chapter 729 - Doflamingo and Law

Has Law met a ‘D’ beside Luffy before?

The marines know the Strawhats are in Dressrosa, how excellent. Now when the Donquixote crew falls, the whole of the Strawhat crew will get a bounty increase – yay! I’m particularly excited about Zoro, hopefully now he gets a bounty to match how badass he is.

With the Strawhats all up to date on the information they have, they can finally make their move. I love how Franky requested from Luffy to go beyond Law’s original mission of only destroying the Smile factory and instead also wanted to help the Dwarves. Serious Franky is quite badass. Luffy must have realised this as well and wanted the same thing – “you’re free to go wild!” AWWW YEAHHHHH! Some serious carnage is about to be released. Love how Luffy is becoming more of a badass Captain through their journey to One Piece.

The Doflamingo and Law fight came back into focus the end of the chapter and shockingly Law was comprehensively beaten, is Doflamingo really that strong? Or is it just because Doflamingo knew how to deal with Law’s abilities? Bit of both most likely, he is a Shichibukai and an incredibly twisted man. But with Law shot, Luffy’s anger meter is beyond dangerous now, how exactly will he react next chapter? Will Kinemon and Zoro jump in to save Law? And this Kora-san Law is thinking about as he loses consciousness, how exactly does he fit into this story? Was he a ‘D’ and is he dead? Was he occupying the heart seat before in Doflamingo’s crew? Is he the reason why Law betrayed Doflamingo and/or why Doflamingo became so twisted?

One Piece chapter 729 - Law's end?

Who is Kora?

Ah so many questions but with this week hiatus next week, we won’t be finding the answers to them anytime soon =(. Looking forward to the chapter in two weeks and seeing how the Strawhats go about disarming Doflamingo’s grasp over Dressrosa.

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