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Fairy Tail Chapter 360 – Natsu vs Jackal

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Fairy Tail chapter 360 - Jackal - colour by Ricardo9Tomate (http://ricardo9tomate.deviantart.com)

He’ll just give you a horrible death, cause he is a considerate guy after all =) – colour by Ricardo9Tomate

That was quite the thrilling fight, Natsu laid the smack down quite intensely on Jackal yet he was still able to get back up and act like nothing much happened, how interesting. Seems like Mikero has some idea of what Tartarus is after, this thing called “faith” described as the “white inheritance”, I wonder what it is and how exactly is it related to the Magic Council? Did they create it or do they just have knowledge about it?

Jackal’s explosion magic is quite interesting, I do like how he was able to create explosions around the town with just moving his hands. Does he not require touch to trigger the explosion? And what is interesting is that only buildings exploded, does this mean he is able to explode a certain type of substance/material from range? Either way ranged explosions didn’t work on Natsu as he just ate the resulting explosion, so I was curious to see what Jackal did in response. A “curse” huh, do all the Nine Demon Gates members have a “curse” which they can use as an ability? I was suspicious of the beating Natsu was dishing out on Jackal, it seemed the fight was progressing too easily, as if Jackal was willingly taking the hits, so I had expected Jackal to use some ability to turn the tables on the situation. But a “curse” which makes whoever touches Jackal a bomb…that is quite useful especially since it seems Jackal can take quite a beating, unless he is just acting fine now.

Pretty surprised that Natsu is out for the count so early, is he only momentarily dazed? Will he wake up early next chapter? Either way, I doubt this is the end of the Natsu vs Jackal battle, the two will face again after Natsu regains consciousness. Also I get the feeling that Natsu will intentional makes himself a bomb and explode with Jackal to defeat him. Well before that happens, it is going to be interesting to see how Lucy and Wendy combat Jackal until then, do they have enough abilities that avoid direct contact which can cause substantial damage? Looking forward to seeing these two shine.

Fairy Tail chapter 360 - faith the white inheritance

What is “faith”? The “white inheritance”?

Mikero is such a bad liar, obviously Jackal can tell he knows something…hopefully we will get to find out what this “faith” aka. “white inheritance” is =/. It could be an item, a person or a spell, I’m very curious to find what it is exactly and why Tartarus is so interested in it. All we know now is that it can cause something catastrophic and that Tartarus badly wants it. I wonder if Jellal or Ultear knew anything about “faith”? Though if they did they probably would have done something about it before =/.

Looking forward to seeing what Jackal does and why I feel so uneasy about Michelia’s character. I wonder if she is a mage as well O.o.

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